Trivia time

I’ve been having a busy week, mostly because I’ve been getting the UNLV Global Gaming Abstract ready to go online. If you clicked the link and are disappointed, I don’t have it all online yet.

This, and the lack of compelling gaming-related news, means that in lieu of a news story and sardonic analysis, I’ll leave you with a bit of trivia today. Nevada trivia, to be precise.

DID YOU KNOW that, as children, Governor (1951-1958) Charles Russell, Congressman (1953-1956) Cliff Young, and Senator (1954-1974) Alan Bible all lived on the same block in Lovelock, Nevada?

One Response to 'Trivia time'

  1. Ezekiel Zechariah says:

    How can you say there is no compelling gaming-related news, when:

    ♠ A Chinese government offical blew a bunch of money at a North Korean casino–"In just 11 months this year, Cai managed to PILFER 2.3 million yuan of his department’s money, while BORROWING another 1.25 million from transportation companies his department supervises, the report said. He lost it all."
    The casino has been shut down, I heard.

    ♠ Dostoyevsky’s great-grandson has taken legal action to defend his ancestor… Dostoyevsky’s visage graced a scratch card, and this upset his great-grandson, who said it wasn’t appropriate to be capitalizing upon the agony of the poor gambling author. We’ll see who wins that one. By the way, the scratch card provided a chance to win a car.

    ♠ Right up there in weirdness is the two opposing groups in Britain, the Association of British Bookmakers versus GamCare–GamCare says that the spread of roulette machines has led to more calls for help with gambling addiction, and the ABB says that the increase in calls is due to "the industry’s good practice of posting GamCare details beside each machine."
    The world gets stranger every day. And that’s just a personal, perplexed observation, not meant to be profound.
    ♥ EZ