NJ Transit fan site

I thought that my site was a little eccentric–after all, how many people go around the country taking pictures of casino carpets and posting them to the web? But I have to yield the floor to an even more obscure site: the NJ Transit Bus Fan Page.

I hope that the ironic intent of my carpet gallery comes across–it should be obvious that, while I’m documenting casino floor coverings, I’m fascinated by just how ridiculous they are. I say that because I thought this site might be a joke, too, but it’s apparently utterly serious. Check out the fleet roster and gallery pages. This guy really likes NJ Transit.

I’m just happy that the 551 and 319 keep running. As long as they stay in service, NJ Transit is fine with me.

2 Responses to 'NJ Transit fan site'

  1. scribbler says:

    gee, this almost inspires me to post something similar for my local tranist authority.

    if i did, i’d put in something a bit more usefull, like the serial numbers of the buses that make that annoying squeal or have the brakes that stick and jolt the bus. or pictures of the drivers to avoid (there’s one driver that comes hauling through campus and instead of stopping for pedestrians just honks at them and keeps going).

    if you ever want to expand past carpets, make a gallery of door-knobs/handles. like the swords at excalibur. i know there used to be a lot of cool designs out there, but i can’t remember if they’re still there or not.

  2. Ezekiel Zechariah says:

    I am tempted to say that Mr. Mackey is dead serious in his glorification of the NJ busses… but I can imagine him reading it, laughing, and saying, "DUH! Get a clue, people. It’s just a public transportation system!"
    Work hard and have fun, treat the guests like number one!
    ♥ EZ