Casino carpet unleashed

If you like the casino carpet gallery and are in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace tomorrow morning at 10, stop by the Samurai room. I’m giving a talk entitled “Art for Gamblers’ Feet: Casino Carpet from Coast to Coast” at the 17th annual meeting of the Far West Popular Culture Association.

I’m not on the schedule, but I’m presenting with people doing activist environmental websites, mushroom clouds, and yoga. Seriously. Here’s a list of some other papers being presented at the conference:

The Culture of a Clothing Optional Beach
Sacha Baron Cohen�s Borat: (Re)Inventing Kazakh
Bodies as Commodities in Sin City: an Update of Decapitation Advertisement in Las Vegas, Nevada
Talking with Rivers, Rocks, and Trees
Fists of Celluloid: Kung-fu for Western Audiences
The Rise and Fall. . . .and Rise of Zombie Cinema
Comic Books and Literature: A Comparative Approach
Ronald Reagan: President and Poet
The Psychology of the Rat Pack: The Unseen Sinatra
Sports Violence in Detroit: A Lifelong Detroit Fan�s Reactions and Analysis

As you can see, presenting a paper about casino carpet at an academic conference is about par for the course here. This is going to be a lot of fun.

One Response to 'Casino carpet unleashed'

  1. scribbler says:

    well, if the wave looks good, ride with it eh?

    i don’t think i’d be able to keep a straight face presenting such a paper. especially if i’m following something on nuclear tests and zombies.

    this reminds me of the lectures i sat through during my "physical facilities" course in college. the whole course was about the nitty gritty of hotel superstructure, design, "atmospherics," et cetera. the funny thing is, had the gallery been in existence then, i’d likely have had this site listed in my notes a dozen times over. my prof took this stuff very seriously.

    anyway, good luck and have fun.