Casino cafeteria

While double checking the list of new arrivals from the Gambler’s Book Club against the UNLV catalog, I came across a singular title:Casino Cafeteria.
This gem has the alternate title: What you always wanted to know about casino gambling but were to [sic.] intimidated to ask.

It is allegedly “a smorgasbord of standard and unusual questions that are asked by people who are new, who work and who play in the exciting gaming industry.”

Points for effort, but typos in the title are usually not harbingers of a literary masterpiece.

Good news for visitors to the Gaming Collection: because I’m diligently ordering new books, you’ll have about 200 new titles to browse in a few weeks.

3 Responses to 'Casino cafeteria'

  1. /kamitwi says:

    sic always made me think of HIC as in hiccups. Perhaps this was merely a grammatical hiccup that somehow managed to get past legions of editors…?

  2. Dave says:

    It always makes me think of a rabid dog, like the author is too demented to realize his or her error.

  3. Ezekiel Zechariah says:

    Oh yeah? It always reminded me of sic bo. Not really; I always equated the insertion of a sic to "release the hounds." ^_^
    Did you order Zeropolis?

    "Almost everything in the town’s most habitual way of being brings to mind a conflagration: the demographic explosion, the economic boom, the mushrooming city, etc. Las Vegas was born to radiate, to flash, to explode."
    –Bruce Begout

    If it was just a hiccup, then they will get it frightened away when they see how few copies they sell. Only sickos like me would purchase it.
    ♥ EZ