A few casino haiku

I have just been sent a series of haiku that summarize articles about various aspects of casino gambling. I thought I would share a few with you.

When the Chips are Down

Gambling took a hit;

Gambling’s more than Nevada

And vice versa.

Source: A special report on gambling
“When the chips are down”
July 8th 2010

Harrah’s Loyalty Program (Gold Standard)

He can see your soul

Your passions He can peruse

With one plastic swipe

Source: “Why Harrah’s Loyalty Effort Is Industry’s Gold Standard”
October 05, 2009

Loveman Empiricism

Led by the numbers

To mooshy warm sacks of cash

Except in Asia.

Source: “Loveman Plays `Purely Empirical’ Game as Harrah’s CEO”
August 05, 2010

Cosmo and Eichner and Deutsche Bank

The briefest victim:

Leopard-print adultery:

Subjective values.

Source: “Property Mogul Poised to Take a Second Fall”
May 09, 2008

All haiku are by Meighan Schopenhauer.

3 Responses to 'A few casino haiku'

  1. Schopenhauer says:

    Writing haiku is not as easy as it may appear. For me, though, when the subject matter is Gary Loveman, it just flows out.

    I especially liked the Cosmopolitan one; almost every word has multiple (correct) interpretations (and reading the article helps to see why).

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. WestVegas says:

    Lucky for me I have Dictionary.com to learn what this word meant.

  3. That Cosmopolitan TV commercial is fascinating to say the least. Strange but memorable. Chuckmonster from Vegas Gang had a pretty good analysis of the commercial. They had some animals in the commercial but they forgot to include Arnold Ziffel (the pig from Green Acres).