Ho’s wife’s maid wins the lottery

This story’s only tangentially about gambling, but it’s interesting in a quirky sort of way. From the Malaysian Star:

A Malaysian maid working in Hong Kong has reportedly won over HK$30mil RM12mil in a local lottery, China Press reported.The middle-aged woman is a helper at the mansion of Angela Leong, the fourth wife of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, known as the “King of Gambling”.

The woman bought a Mark Six ticket lottery organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club on her birthday, as suggested by her employer’s family, said the paper.

A member of the Ho family confirmed the news to Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily.

via Malaysian maid wins RM12mil in HK lottery.

I think that’s somewhere in the range of $4 million US, which isn’t bad. According to the rest of the article, she’s going to keep her job since she’s very attached to Mrs. Leong’s daughter.

Is it ironic that a woman who indirectly works for one of the world’s wealthiest casino owners takes their advice to buy a lottery ticket, then wins? Maybe.

2 Responses to 'Ho’s wife’s maid wins the lottery'

  1. BigHoss says:

    Wonder if Ho owns a chunk of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, directly or indirectly? If so, maybe that’s the cheapest way to pay a bonus.

  2. Dave says:

    No, he doesn’t–I covered the history of the HKJC in Roll the Bones, and I believe it’s a public-private organization that dedicates most of its profits to social welfare and other programs in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1884. In fact, they are his biggest competitor for Hong Kong gambling dollars, so this is like someone who works for the CEO of WMS hitting Megabucks.