Pros, cons of increased casino tech in the LVBP

This week, my Las Vegas Business Press column takes a look not at what technology is being introduced into casinos, but how it’s being used–and should be used: The technology used on casino floors has evolved considerably in the past two decades. And, as showcased at the recent Global Gaming Expo, it continues to do … Read more

Tectonic shift for gaming in the Business Press

Mulling over two seemingly contradictory bits of news–that the Justice Department had labeled Full Tilt Poker a “global Ponzi scheme” and that the AGA was launching a renewed push for the legalization of online poker–I got to thinking. It’s a dangerous pastime, I know, but in this case it led me to my latest column … Read more

Dreamer’s paradise reality check in the LVBP

My column in this week’s Las Vegas Business Press is out. It’s a meditation on what less ambitious Strip developments really mean for Las Vegas. With just about everyone in the industry mistaking the 2005-2007 boom for a new normal, it made tons of sense to trade in your sun-faded casino for a newer, bigger … Read more

Geek niche in the Las Vegas Business Press

This week’s Las Vegas Business Press column looks at a travel operator I met in the vendors’ room at Creation Entertainment’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention: We all know that its getting harder and harder to bring visitors and their money to Las Vegas. But a small startup that specializes in connecting people with the … Read more

Cut costs or invest? in the LVBP

My Las Vegas Business Press column on the dubious benefits of cost-cutting in a hospitality company is out today: It goes without saying that there are several ways to cut costs. Shaving off some perks — first-class travel for jet-setting execs or caviar in the employee dining room — makes eminently good sense when revenues … Read more

Terry Lanni’s dignified diplomacy in the LVBP

In this week’s Las Vegas Business Press, I take a look at one aspect of Terry Lanni’s legacy: There’s already been a great deal written about his work at the helm of MGM Mirage, including his role in guiding the company through two mergers that created today’s MGM Resorts International, and his pioneering work with … Read more