Gaming is a rapidly expanding field in which there is a tremendous need for expert opinion.

David G. Schwartz can provide such an opinion. He has subjected gambling to intense historical study and has already written three books about the history of gambling in the United States and the world. Each has implications for current policy and industry issues.

Schwartz has also worked in the front lines of the industry–not as a summer office intern, but on the casino floor as a security officer and above the casino as a surveillance operator. Through these experiences, he has developed a knowledge of casino operations that, combined with his academic research, makes him an invaluable consultant on gaming and related issues.

Dr. Schwartz has used his historical expertise and skill in archival research for prior art searches (patent law), to render opinions about the suitability of casino resorts for specific urban and suburban neighborhoods, and to analyze historic trends in gaming legalization and prohibition.

He has served as a consultant for numerous television programs, including Modern Marvels: Casino Tech, The History of Poker, Vegas Whales Tales, and as a series consultant for Breaking Vegas.

His client list includes:

  • the United States Treasury Department
    the WTO counsel for the nation of Antigua and Barbuda
    American Nevada Company
    Schreck Brignone
    Kirkland and Ellis
    Gametech International
    Las Vegas Hilton
    International Game Technology
    Atlas Media
    MGM Mirage
    El Ad Properties

In legal matters, Schwartz has experience with:
– prior art searches (game patents)
– urban casino resorts: neighborhood suitability
– historical development of gaming laws
– historical patterns in gaming expansion and legalization

For casinos and other gaming businesses, Schwartz’s historical research can yield several benefits. He has worked with major casino resorts to develop:
– corporate histories
– informative presentations
– executive briefings
– historical company orientations

In early 2012, Schwartz accepted the position of Vice President of Research and Analytics with management and consulting firm Santo Gaming. The company is a full-service gaming management and consulting operation, with a range of specialties from daily operations to acquisitions.

In conjunction with his work at Santo Gaming, Schwartz currently welcomes the opportunity to work with government, industry, commercial, and non-profit groups as a consultant or advisor as his schedule and prior commitments permit.

Contact Dr. Schwartz to discuss his availability for new projects, and to get his schedule of fees.

Click here for Dr. Schwartz’s curriculum vitae, which includes his employment history, publication record, and consulting client list.