Media Room

    Dr. Schwartz on television/video

    Dr. Schwartz’s YouTube channel, with book and other videos

    The Birth of the Las Vegas Strip,” C-SPAN’s “Lectures in History” series, February 22, 2011


    Dr. Schwartz on the radio

    G5 Radio–December 10, 2011 mp3, conversation starts 20 minutes in

    Vegas Gang #64: Meet Doctor Dave Schwartz

    The Dave Scott Show–March 10, 2011 mp3, hour 2


    Dr. Schwartz on the Internet

    The VT Interview with David G. Schwartz (

    Gamblers Book Club’s Podcast #97 (talking about Gambling, Space, and Time, and much more, In March 2012)

    Gamblers Book Club’s Podcast #8 (talking about Roll the Bones and other things, in October 2007)



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