One year in

It’s hard to believe, but Die is Cast is one year old this week. Here’s a few random thoughts: If Rome on HBO couldn’t get any cooler, there was gambling–and a gambling-related brawl–that, according to episode 2’s title, “brought down the republic.” Was the gambling scene historically accurate? In a sense, yes: all the archaeological … Read more

Gulf Coast update

Projections of the damage caused by Katrina, it seems, keep getting worse. The governor of Mississippi was quoted as saying that all Gulf Coast casinos had been completely destroyed. Even if it’s not that dire, it looks very bad. Any destruction of property, of course, pales beside the loss of human life, just as any talk of rebuilding takes a back seat to the immediate effort to save lives.

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Update from Harrah’s

I just got a press release detailing what’s going on with Harrah’s casinos in the area affected by Hurricane Katrina. It’s not the end of the world for the company by any stretch of the imagination–they’ve got property damage and business interruption insurance–but things don’t sound that great for the Gulf Coast casinos, with no re-opening dates even guessed at.

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Katrina closes casinos

Hurricane Katrina is, as I write this, devastating parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, and, as is increasingly common these days, there is a connection to gambling: casinos in the area, particuarly on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, have been hit hard, and the impact–in both the short and long run–will be felt nationally.

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More poker on TV

When I saw this news, I groaned inwardly…ESPN is showing even more televised poker next year. I know this gem of knowledge because I got the press release straight from Harrah’s, along with a 2005-6 poker season schedule. Yeah, I just typed “2005-6 poker season” with a straight face.

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