The pope’s blogsite?

If the new pope wants to buy his own domain name and start a blog, he’s going to have to deal with a crafty web wizard who has just snapped up the name “” Good news, though: even if the pope doesn’t buy the domain, it won’t become another Texas Hold’Em site–but not for lack of trying.
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Been busy

I haven’t posted much lately for a few reasons:
1. A huge amount of work stuff, between new corporate archives, new opportunities, and an incredible amount of media relations re: Wynn LV.
2. I’m grinding through chapter 9 “Wise guys and One-Armed Bandits” of Roll the Bones.
3. I just bought a townhouse, and I’m spending a lot of time working on it. So far this week, with the help of friends, I have removed the popcorn ceiling, taken off about half of the wallpaper, and pulled up half the carpet. I might post pictures when I’m done.
Related to this point, if you know anyone in Las Vegas who installs laminate flooring, contact me.

Lots of news, though. Once all this settles down, I’ll be comfortably posting at least once a day again.

Your ship just came in…

…if you bet the house on Germany’s Joseph Ratzinger becoming the next pope. Paddy Power had Ratzinger at 5 to 1 yesterday. I’m sure there are some lucky winners out there who would like to buy the new Benedict XVI a drink, so to speak.

Clowning around

“The clown became a monster and part of a cheap meal, like fast food.”

That’s what Dimitri Bogatirev, a former Cirque performer who’s part of a husband-wife clown troupe, has to say. Read the whole story to learn more about it. Bogatirev blames horror movies for ruining the popular perception of clowns, but does anyone look at something like this:

Boardwalk clown will eat you!
without getting a little freaked out?

Betting at home…illegally

Here’s my teaser:

“At home I can multitask,” the manager said. “I cleaned out my entire fish tank one day and never missed a hand.”

What”s this guy talking about? Playing online poker at home, something that is, unfortunately, a misdemeanor in Nevada.
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The gambling monkey

It’s official: the barbarians are at the gate. There is now a species of monkey named for an online casino. This is another one of those stories that might turn out to be a spoof, but has been picked up by several major news organizations, so I guess it is legitimate. Even if it isn’t, it’s a good laugh.
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Boston OC bust and the Internet

Last night there was a Law and Order episode on TV that was clearly based on the Whitey Bulger-Boston FBI scandal. It got me thinking about that case, so imagine my surprise when, this morning, I read a story tangentially involved in it. Turns out that the brother-in-law of the convicted agent, John Connolly, is one of twevle guys indicted on federal racketeering charges which, interestingly, involve a Costa Rica-based sportsbook.
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City Center-piece

MGM Mirage has gone outside Las Vegas to find an architect for the 4000-room casino resort that will anchor its ambitious City Center project that will replace the decidedly unambitious Boardwalk casino. It looks to be an interesting project.

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Condos on the Strip

It’s pretty rare to meet someone these days who isn’t developing a condo project along the Strip. According to experts, all this verticality is going to be good for business.
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Antigua/US WTO ruling

The WTO’s appellate body has upheld an earlier decision that seems to give Antigua-based remote wagering sites–online sportsbooks–the right to market and sell cross-border betting services to American citizens. Though the body found that the US federal government did have the right to restrict gambling as a morals issue, because the Interstate Horseracing Act allows remote account wagering, it can’t claim that remote account wagering is an affront to the public morality.
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