Written up

More write ups for the casino carpet mania! Even the New York Times had a piece, which I guess is the pinnacle of recognition. Anyway, if this is your first time here, enjoy this site, and check out the carpets here. There are some other photo galleries as well, and of course this blog.

Solid socio-economic research

I get people asking me all the time for quantative measures of the “social impact” of gambling. I try to convince them that such a thing is hard to measure. But, if you’re unhampered by standards of academic rigor, it’s easy to make wildly inaccurate claims based on second-hand evidence.

Take, for example, this letter to the editor in the Sun-Sentinel:

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Carpet watch

Sorry if you’ve been having trouble with the site. Boingboing.net featured the carpet gallery and the ensuing rush of visitors exceeded my bandwidth. Thanks to Rus at VAserv, I’ve got more bandwidth and am back on track. I’ve gotten so many emails from people interested in this that I’m seriously thinking about doing more work … Read more