“I’ll take Sin City for $200, Alex”

Today I got this email from the Las Vegas Centennial Celebration Committee:

Answer: This is the date that a Las Vegas Category will be featured on

Question: WHAT IS: MONDAY, APRIL 4TH, 2005?

That’s going to be fun, but what about an entire round based on Las Vegas and gambling topics?

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Mob mix-up

When casinos opened in Atlantic City in 1978, New Jersey governor Brendan Byrne famously warned organized crime to keep their stinking paws off of his state. Well, those weren’t his exact words, but they would have been in Charlton Heston had been playing him. Come to think of it, Byrne wasn’t going around half-naked either, so I guess the Planet of the Apes reference doesn’t really work.

To make sure that organized crime remained out of the state’s lucrative casino gaming business, strict controls were enacted. Those deemed unacceptable were placed on the list of undesirable persons and excluded. It works fine, until you exclude the wrong person.
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Legalizing online gaming?

As I’ve said before, the fiscal pressures in state legislatures will eventually outweigh anti-gambling rhetoric, and Internet gaming will be legalized in the US. USA Today now apparently feels the same way.
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Covering the gambling business

Have you just been assigned the “casino beat” and aren’t sure where to look for information? Well, you’re not the only one. Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Suzette Parmley tells all.
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NCAA troubled by betting

In case you missed ESPN’s hyperbolic exposition of “bracketology” this weekend, the berths for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament have been announced, beginning one of bookies’ favorite times of the year, March Madness. And the NCAA is shocked, yes, shocked that people gamble on the tournament, and suggests that the best way to end this national rite is to usurp the right of the people of Nevada to decide whether or not their state should offer legal sports betting.
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Pokie Pop-ups

I was just saying to a group today that other countries are far ahead of the US when it comes to “harm minimization” in gambling. Here’s a case where, many in the industry say, minimization goes too far: regular reminders to gamblers that they are…gambling.
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GA to be funded by ESPN?

You can’t help but notice that poker is ubuquitous on television these days. New Jersey assemblywomen Joan Voss has, and she thinks that those who profit from the Hold’Em craze should pitch in when it comes to helping those with a problem.
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Consider Vegas Broke

If you get a chance, check out Breaking Vegas tonight on the history channel at 9 PM. This episode is about Ed Thorp, the guy who greatly advanced card counting with “Beat the Dealer,” and I think that I’m going to be in it. I remember doing an interview for this show, so there’s a good chance that they’ll use a little of it.

The Honey Bun Gang

I found this headline strangely intruiging, as you might as well: Las Vegas SUN: Three convicted in ‘honey bun’ heist at Tunica casino.

This made me think of the erstwhile HBO series OZ. I don’t think that Adebisi got sent up for anything like this, though. This seems like more like something Busmalis would have done.


I’ve seen two news reports this morning that seem contradictory. On one hand, online gaming is booming in Britain. On the other, Harrah’s has just pulled the plug on its online gaming site.
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