The President resigns?

The President casino, long a mainstay in Biloxi, is closing up. It’s barge is being relocated. I’m sure that it’s a fine institution, but I had my doubts about the casino when I took a look at the carpet:
The President
It’s so lackluster–like someone dropped a bunch of swizzle sticks on the floor. When I first saw that carpet, I knew the casino wasn’t a winner.

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I had a pretty quick–though comprehensive–tour of Foxwoods and the surrounding area yesterday, and it’s pretty impressive. It’s amazing to me that, in less than 20 years, a gambling operation that started as bingo has grown into the world’s largest casino resort. On the Greyhound ride up there (I’ll post some pictures of that; it was quite a journey), I read a bit of sci-fi, which got me thinking:
Imagine if someone traveled back in time to 1985 and said the following:
1. Poker will be a spectator sport shown on several television channels
2. The world’s largest casino will be in rural Connecticut
3. The world’s biggest casino poker room will be in that same casino
4. The communist government of China would be encouraging Americans to build casinos (albeit in a “Special Administrative Region”
5. A company whose main asset is a virtual poker room would have an IPO worth $10 billion (give or take)

People would think that person was writing an implausible story.

It just goes to show that, as I’ve steadfastly maintained, the truth is stupider than fiction. That, and never, ever underestimate the willingness of people to gamble.

Anyway, Foxwoods was really something else. Even if you’re not a gambler, it’s worth a trip just for the people-watching.

Also, for you foodies, the buffet has the best cole slaw I’ve ever tasted, and some really interesting bread pudding. It tasted like it was made from sweet potatoes or carrot cake or something like that.

But that wasn’t the most interesting thing about the tour: I’ll hold that honor for the cultural/historical museum, which incredible almost beyond words. For those of you who think that Indian gaming doesn’t “give back,” I’d advise you take take a tour of that facility.

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