Solid socio-economic research

I get people asking me all the time for quantative measures of the “social impact” of gambling. I try to convince them that such a thing is hard to measure. But, if you’re unhampered by standards of academic rigor, it’s easy to make wildly inaccurate claims based on second-hand evidence.

Take, for example, this letter to the editor in the Sun-Sentinel:

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Carpet watch

Sorry if you’ve been having trouble with the site. featured the carpet gallery and the ensuing rush of visitors exceeded my bandwidth. Thanks to Rus at VAserv, I’ve got more bandwidth and am back on track. I’ve gotten so many emails from people interested in this that I’m seriously thinking about doing more work … Read more

Eric Monkkonen

Those of you who are familiar with urban history and crime history should know the name of Eric Monkkonen, who was a giant in the field. He was also my dissertation committee chair, and someone without whom I wouldn’t have gotten my degree. he recently passed away, and I think that this obituary sums up his influence, though it only give a hint of what a great mentor he was.

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Double exposure

Transitioning a property from a name its had for over fifty years is never easy. When Harrah’s bought the Horseshoe name and brand from the downtown Binion’s Horseshoe casino, the actual property was left with an identity crisis: it was always the Horseshoe first and Binion’s second.

They’ve changed the sign and relaunched the website, but for a short time you can see the present and past co-existing. Check it out:

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