The Honey Bun Gang

I found this headline strangely intruiging, as you might as well: Las Vegas SUN: Three convicted in ‘honey bun’ heist at Tunica casino.

This made me think of the erstwhile HBO series OZ. I don’t think that Adebisi got sent up for anything like this, though. This seems like more like something Busmalis would have done.


I’ve seen two news reports this morning that seem contradictory. On one hand, online gaming is booming in Britain. On the other, Harrah’s has just pulled the plug on its online gaming site.
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Crime and Litigation

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in my estimation, might have been the best novelist of the 19th century. Sure, people in his novels have an unfortunate tendency to give chapter-long monologues on “the mission of Russia,” but from what I understand he got paid by the word. For much of his life his compulsive gambling kept him in dire financial straits.

Now, a Russian sports lottery is using the writer’s likeness to shill lottery tickets. They say it’s all in good fun, but his great-grandson says it is anathema.
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Smoothie candy

This is the most distgusting thing I’ve seen in a while. Usually, fruit and yogurt smoothies are relatively healthy alternatives to other soft drinks. As Americans have become more concerned with their eating habits, they have grown more popular.

So the next step is for a completely unhealthy food manufacturer to co-opt smoothies and re-package them as a nutritionally-dubious candy: Skittles Smoothie Mix.
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Singapore Dreams

Nineteen companies have submitted proposals to build a casino resort in Singapore. How to choose the winner? I’ve got three ideas.
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Requiem for a turkey

At first I thought this story would get a few laughs, but like so much else, it ended in tragedy…well, for the turkey. Not since the days of Thomas Granger has a turkey been so unjustly put to death.

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Kindergarten gambling

At last, gambling has come to kindergarten! Seriously. Kindergarten students are going to have to play the lottery if they want a seat at a Virginia elementary school.
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Question of the day

Today the Birmingham News asks, Is there a problem gambling can’t solve? Read the article to find the answer.

Cool Art

I’ve got plenty on my desk today, so I don’t have time to really post on anything. In the meantime, take a look at this cool online art site, the Olea Nova online fine art gallery.

In search of…

This has nothing to do with the TV show In Search Of, I just want to imagine Leonard Nimoy narrating this entry while spooky music plays in the background. This is actually about the disturbing variety of search terms that lead people to this site. I might not be posting for the rest of the week, so I figured this was a good time to post this perennial topic.
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