What’s wrong with being sexy?

People always complain when old casinos get imploded, but thi truly is the end of an era: the Del Mar motel has had its license revoked. Why, you may ask? Because, in the words of the deputy city attorney, it is a “whorehouse.” This story must be seen to be believed. This is another one of those Las Vegas stories that would plausibly pass as satire or farce, but is, incredibly enough, real news.

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The sincerest flattery

Does Wynn Las Vegas point the way to the future? Lloyd Fonvielle doesn’t think so, but I beg to differ. I predict that most of the casinos built in the next 10-15 years will try, on one level or another, to emulate Wynn. It’s starting already, for places that have only vauge plans.

Check out, for example, the Cascada Resort – A Future Luxury Resort in Las Vegas | scherf.com.

The Cascada, from their site

So is putting a pitch together as easy as tweaking the city’s most recognizable hotel tower, scaling down the water feature, putting a model next to your pool, and posting it the web? Maybe, but these people seem to have bigger things in mind: owning the very idea of a curved building.

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Thoughts on Wynn LV

As I said earlier, the opening tour was fantastic. It’s as if each area of the resort was designed to be the centerpiece.

That being said, here’s some pictures:
The exterior:

And a shot of the crowd, seconds after the doors opened:
the doors are open

Of course, I got a few shots of the carpet as well–would you expect any less?

I’d definitely visit this place the next time you are in Vegas.

Now that I’ve had a few hours to think and sleep, here’s some more reflections:

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