Misplaced morals?

Adelphia Communications is going to start offering triple-x hardcore porn to its Southern California video-on-demand customers. I’m not posting about this because of any personal interest in hardcore porn, or just because I want to get lots of hits from people searching for “casino hardcore porn” or similar terms. Rather, I want to salute the brilliant writing of LA Times staff writer Sallie Hofmeister, who, by cleverly juxtaposing two paragraphs, made a sly point about would-be moralists.
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Fuller not guilty

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller did not, according to jurors, run a gambling house, even though prosecutors said he presided over games “like a pit boss.” Did the state fail to make its case, or are juries unwilling to convict people for the “victimless” crime of running a private casino?
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Foxwoods getting bigger

On the bottom-line crawl of this morning’s news, I noticed that a $700 million Foxwoods expansion is national news.
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Times are a-changing

The Rat Pack doesn’t play casinos anymore. Well, unless you count Rat Pack imitators. Instead, you might see the Doobie Brothers. Is this progress? If you like the 1970s, yes.
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Bringing down the school district

Ben Mezrich’s Bringing Down the House, the story of the MIT count team, has sold a lot of copies. But, it seems, it’s not that popular with high school librarians. Still, kids in one Oregon high school will still be free to read the book for an assignment.
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Chimeras gone wild!

I once thought that The Island of Dr. Moreau was nothing more than a cinematic masterpiece. Now, it seems, it may be a view not of the future, but the present, where scientists create human/animal hybrids with only their imaginations to stop them.
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Get a haircut!

Recently, North Korean television began a bold new initiative aimed at conquering a threat to national supremacy: bad hair.
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Miami in Dolni Dvoriste

I’ve never been to the Czech Republic, even though for years I’ve had people telling me it’s a great place to go. Still, I can’t imagine that its appeal will be enhanced by this novelty: a 1950s Miami-themed casino.
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Cuddly bears to go away

When I saw the headline Ministers to kill off cuddly gambling bears, I had to read the article. It turns out that prize toys are the latest political football to be kicked around in the British casino debate.
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Update on Georgia casinos

That’s casinos in Georgia the country, not Georgia the state. Apparently big changes are afoot.
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