Miami in Dolni Dvoriste

I’ve never been to the Czech Republic, even though for years I’ve had people telling me it’s a great place to go. Still, I can’t imagine that its appeal will be enhanced by this novelty: a 1950s Miami-themed casino.
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Cuddly bears to go away

When I saw the headline Ministers to kill off cuddly gambling bears, I had to read the article. It turns out that prize toys are the latest political football to be kicked around in the British casino debate.
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Update on Georgia casinos

That’s casinos in Georgia the country, not Georgia the state. Apparently big changes are afoot.
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A second career?

I know that everyone needs a creative outlet, but a leading member of the casino industry might have a hidden musical side.
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NJ Transit fan site

I thought that my site was a little eccentric–after all, how many people go around the country taking pictures of casino carpets and posting them to the web? But I have to yield the floor to an even more obscure site: the NJ Transit Bus Fan Page.

I hope that the ironic intent of my carpet gallery comes across–it should be obvious that, while I’m documenting casino floor coverings, I’m fascinated by just how ridiculous they are. I say that because I thought this site might be a joke, too, but it’s apparently utterly serious. Check out the fleet roster and gallery pages. This guy really likes NJ Transit.

I’m just happy that the 551 and 319 keep running. As long as they stay in service, NJ Transit is fine with me.

Casino operator gets death sentence

It’s illegal casinos, to be sure, but that headline is still pretty scary. The moral: don’t break the law in China.
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Inhibited no more

I’m hard at work on chapter 3 of Roll the Bones, finishing up my section on gambling in Venice. I ran across this on the website of the Venice Casino, and it was too good to pass up:

“By writing to the following e-mail address: or by phoning 041-5297266 one can receive information on how to resolve game related problems ( eg. Inhibitions )”

Those inhibitions sure can get in the way of a carefree night of gambling, I guess.

Trivia time

I’ve been having a busy week, mostly because I’ve been getting the UNLV Global Gaming Abstract ready to go online. If you clicked the link and are disappointed, I don’t have it all online yet.

This, and the lack of compelling gaming-related news, means that in lieu of a news story and sardonic analysis, I’ll leave you with a bit of trivia today. Nevada trivia, to be precise.

DID YOU KNOW that, as children, Governor (1951-1958) Charles Russell, Congressman (1953-1956) Cliff Young, and Senator (1954-1974) Alan Bible all lived on the same block in Lovelock, Nevada?

Emergency Management for Kids

Did you know that some of your tax money (if you are a working US citizen or resident) is being spent on a Federal Emergency Management Agency website for kids? It is truly surreal.
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“What happens in Vegas” ends in Long Beach?

The LA Times has a great article about Ted Ngoy, the one-time Los Angeles “doughnut king” who, thanks in part to a severe gambling problem and some bad decisions, is now homeless. It’s thought-provoking reading, to say the least.

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