Thoughts on Wynn LV

As I said earlier, the opening tour was fantastic. It’s as if each area of the resort was designed to be the centerpiece.

That being said, here’s some pictures:
The exterior:

And a shot of the crowd, seconds after the doors opened:
the doors are open

Of course, I got a few shots of the carpet as well–would you expect any less?

I’d definitely visit this place the next time you are in Vegas.

Now that I’ve had a few hours to think and sleep, here’s some more reflections:
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At Wynn Las Vegas

I’ve just gotten back from my sneak-peak tour of Wynn Las Vegas, and I’ve got one word: incredible. The multimedia show on the mountain’s interior, which you have to be a hotel or restaurant guest to see, is simply jaw-dropping.

Inside, I see elements of Wynn’s other resorts, particularly Mirage, Bellagio, and Beau Rivage, but evolved further.

Another observation: the decor, music and style are luxurious but contemporary.

I’ve got to run now: the casino is about to officially open. I’ll have more tomorrow.


Opening Wynn Las Vegas

The day has finally arrived: Wynn Las Vegas, five years in the making, will open at midnight tonight. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on the sneak peak media tour at 10, so I’ve got a 2-hour jump on the general public. I’ll post some of my thoughts here, and I’ll be basing the epilogue of Roll the Bones around the experience.
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This is cool

I don’t have much time to post today, but at least I didn’t have to herd buffalo in Maryland.


Don’t worry…

“Don’t worry about making mistakes and destroying money,” Steve Wynn has told his employees. I wish someone would tell me that. Oh yeah, they’re opening the world’s most expensive casino resort in a few days, so I guess that there’s some pressure on everyone.
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Comments on comments

I’ve had to temporarily disable comments for most entries; I got about 130 spammed comments over the weekend, solicitations for online gambling sites. If anyone knows how, using Greymatter, I can foil these spam commentors, let me know.


The pope’s blogsite?

If the new pope wants to buy his own domain name and start a blog, he’s going to have to deal with a crafty web wizard who has just snapped up the name “BenedictXVI.com.” Good news, though: even if the pope doesn’t buy the domain, it won’t become another Texas Hold’Em site–but not for lack of trying.
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Been busy

I haven’t posted much lately for a few reasons:
1. A huge amount of work stuff, between new corporate archives, new opportunities, and an incredible amount of media relations re: Wynn LV.
2. I’m grinding through chapter 9 “Wise guys and One-Armed Bandits” of Roll the Bones.
3. I just bought a townhouse, and I’m spending a lot of time working on it. So far this week, with the help of friends, I have removed the popcorn ceiling, taken off about half of the wallpaper, and pulled up half the carpet. I might post pictures when I’m done.
Related to this point, if you know anyone in Las Vegas who installs laminate flooring, contact me.

Lots of news, though. Once all this settles down, I’ll be comfortably posting at least once a day again.


Your ship just came in…

…if you bet the house on Germany’s Joseph Ratzinger becoming the next pope. Paddy Power had Ratzinger at 5 to 1 yesterday. I’m sure there are some lucky winners out there who would like to buy the new Benedict XVI a drink, so to speak.


Clowning around

“The clown became a monster and part of a cheap meal, like fast food.”

That’s what Dimitri Bogatirev, a former Cirque performer who’s part of a husband-wife clown troupe, has to say. Read the whole story to learn more about it. Bogatirev blames horror movies for ruining the popular perception of clowns, but does anyone look at something like this:

Boardwalk clown will eat you!
without getting a little freaked out?