Another anti-gambling editorial

Another week, another smug, alarmist anti-online gambling editorial, this time from the Christian Science Monitor: Fresh from fixing Wall Street’s casinolike ways in high finance, Congress begins work Tuesday on a bill to overturn a 2006 law banning Internet gambling in the US. The measure is being rushed through the House Financial Services Committee on … Read more

Anti-casino rhetoric

This Patriot-Ledger editorial–from which I’ve excerpted a tiny slice–says a great deal about how public debates about casino gambling are structured. Why not use innuendo and guilt by association, if you can’t find numbers to back you up? If BP had come here peddling an offshore oil well, the company would have been hooted out … Read more

Andy Rooney takes on gambling

Part-time economist and full-time curmudgeon Andy Rooney trashed the gambling business in a recent 60 Minutes piece: The thing that bothers me most about gambling is that people fritter away money so they don’t get to spend it on things that someone else has been paid to produce. Gambling produces nothing. There’s only so much … Read more

Illegal Turkish casinos

Even though it seems like casino legalization is a steady wave sweeping across the planet, some nations have chosen to outlaw casinos. Turkey is one of those, though it appears that gambling is still flourishing. From It is forbidden to open casinos in Turkey; however, casinos are abundant in Turkey. Only in Istanbul are … Read more

Russian casinos iced

Russia’s casino industry has seen explosive growth in the past few years, but things are changing. From the Miami Herald: Garish or goofy or grim, Russia’s casinos and slot-machine halls are some of the most vivid testimony to communism’s collapse. But, under legislation approved Wednesday by Russia’s lower house of parliament, the $6 billion industry … Read more

Russians veto casino bill

The Russian State Duma–their version of parliament–voted down a bill that would have created a new regulatory framework for Russian casinos. Existing regulation, it seems, is something of a slapdash affair. From RIA Novosti: The bill’s doom does not mean gamblers and casino proprietors have several more years to enjoy the absence of related legislation, … Read more

Acting addicted

I’m hardly one to make light of problem gambling, but this story is ridiculous. From Ananova: Russian actors are being paid to pretend to be destitute beggars in a government scheme to discourage people from gambling. They will tell passers-by how they were once rich executives who lost everything after becoming addicted to gambling. Vladimir … Read more

Free Carruthers FAQ

With the closing of Bet On Sports’ American operations–and effectively its entire business (story here), it is clear that this case will be much different from the 2000 Jay Cohen trial. Some in the media have expressed wonder at the “secret” website launched to support indicted former BOS CEO David Carruthers. As I said in … Read more