Details about the Cosmopolitan’s new sports book

Like I admitted on Twitter, I take lousy photos, so I promised that I’d share some of the PR stills of the Cosmopolitan’s new sports book. I’m also throwing in the press release–if you read any media accounts that sounds suspiciously like this, it just means someone’s taking it easy on the word-smithing front: Las … Read more

Podcast w/ Lee Amaitis is up

At the opening of the Tropicana’s new Cantor Gaming-run sports book, I had a very interesting conversation with Cantor Gaming President and CEO Lee Amaitis. It was so interesting that I thought I should share it with everyone. So we made an appointment for a sit-down interview, and here it is. UNLV Gaming Podcast #27 … Read more

Cantor changes gambling

My latest Vegas Seven column is up, about Cantor Gaming’s eDeck: Gambling has been evolving since our ancestors started filing down animal bones, eventually ending up with cubical ivory dice. The invention of block printing helped to popularize playing cards. In the 19th century, the telegraph led to the first remote gambling: off-track wagering on … Read more