Redesign, Rebuild, Reconnect Remains a Must for Casinos – Vegas Seven

I went full meta in this week’s Green Felt Journal. It was the first issue of a revamped Vegas Seven, so I talked with architect Brad Friedmutter about why Las Vegas hotels are constantly refreshing themselves: With that in mind, while the new look of your favorite casino or weekly magazine might take some getting … Read more

UNLV Gaming Podcast: Paul Steelman interview

I’m very excited to share the first part of a two-part interview with acclaimed casino architect Paul Steelman: 35-November 29, 2011 Paul Steelman In this November 8 interview, Sarno Award-winning casino architect Paul Steelman reflects on his career in the field and shares his thoughts on Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and several other casino jurisidictions. … Read more

SugarHouse preview

Chuck Darrow of the Philadelphia Inquirer offers a preview of the soon-to-open SugarHouse casino: At 45,000-and-change square feet, SugarHouse is by far the region's smallest betting parlor. This is a function of casino officials' sensitivity to the surrounding Fishtown neighborhood, residents of which did not want a supersized facility. Its surprisingly low ceilings add to … Read more

Hooters going away

If you still haven’t made it down to Hooters Las Vegas, you’d better go soon, because the property is slated for a complete re-branding. From the LVRJ: Say goodbye to those orange short-shorts. Hooters Hotel will be rebranded into a yet-to-be named boutique hotel following a $130 million redevelopment of the property that could begin … Read more

Venetian Macau is big, but Macau is bigger

If you’re not totally Macau-ed to death by the coverage of the Venetian Macau’s opening, here’s a great summary of what the big deal is. From the Economist: Its construction involved filling in the sea between two of Macau’s islands to recreate the Las Vegas strip, and then carefully cutting out tiny canals to provide … Read more

Macau’s Fortune

Interesting summary of the current state of Macau from Fortune, via CNN: Hunter S. Thompson would have found much to fear and loathe in Macau, the former Portuguese colony rebranding itself as a gambling paradise. The good doctor (rest his soul) would have been vexed to discover that Macau, surrounded by water and crowded immigration … Read more