NV regulation’s just changed

Anyone else catch this Notice to Licensees from the Nevada Gaming Control Board last week? DATE: February 8, 2011 TO: All Gaming Licensees and Other Interested Persons FROM: Mark A. Lipparelli, Chairman SUBJECT: Merging of the Board’s Investigations and Corporate Securities Divisions Effective Monday, February 14, 2011, the Investigations and Corporate Securities Divisions of the … Read more

A new hope for AC? in the Las Vegas Business Press

In this week’s Las Vegas Business Press, I share my thoughts about the just-passed Atlantic City casino regulatory reform: After suffering its fourth consecutive year of declining casino revenues, Atlantic City might finally be feeling the winds of reform. But will a planned regulatory overhaul be too little, too late to save the city’s slumping … Read more

Inside the NJ casino overhaul

As promised, I’ve taken a deeper look at the recent casino regulatory overhaul that passed the New Jersey legislature. My comments are based on version of the bill that was current as of 1/10/11. You can find it right here. First of all, the bill codifies into law the current existential angst the industry is … Read more

NJ to take over AC casino district

New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s Advisory Committee on New Jersey Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment has issued its report, which calls for a partial state takeover of Atlantic City. From the AC Press: But Atlantic city and state officials have naturally focused most on the governor’s plan to create a state-run portion of Atlantic City, in … Read more

Casino regulation in context

I’ve got a new column in the Las Vegas Business Press about that Arkansas casino nirvana, with some more exploration of a state without gaming regulation: Recent events in a state that's considering getting into the casino game have raised the question of casino regulation. Looking at intent and practice of regulation anew provides a … Read more