Better late than never?

As came up in a discussion at the local United Blood Services center yesterday, people who move to Nevada know what they’re getting into–gambling, and lots of it. Gambling at supermarkets, at gas stations, and even at casino coffee shops thanks to the magic of keno. But Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins is showing why that body meets only once every two years: he’s proposing that the 2005 Legislature waste time increasing the statutory distance between casinos and schools or churches.

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Macau success story

The rapidly-growing casino industry in Macau is gathering steam. From the People’s Daily: Macao’s casino racked in 500 million patacas (62 million US dollars) in gross revenue in the first three days of the National Day holiday which began on Oct. 1. Tuesday’s Macao Daily News reported that the holiday market has boosted the gaming … Read more

Mother nature hates casinos?

That’s the irrational explanation for those who try to impose causality on random events–something that many gamblers excel at. Anyway, because of the looming threat of Hurricane Ivan, the state has closed Mississippi coast casinos. From the Sun Herald: State regulators ordered the coast casinos shut to customers at noon Tuesday. Casino workers had until … Read more