UNLV Gaming Podcast, Update

I’ve had a busy day at the Center for Gaming Research. First, I interviewed Rick Santoro, security consultant, and produced the interview into podcast form. The result was the 38 UNLV Gaming Podcast: Rick Santoro Santoro is a thirty-year verteran of casino security who has worked executive protection, conducted investigations, and managed security departments for … Read more

UNLV Gaming Podcast 37: Paul Steelman, Part II

I was lucky enough to record part two of my planned two-part UNLV Gaming Podcast interview with Paul Steelman. I’ve posted it to the site and iTunes. Here’s the description: 37-December 20, 2011 Paul Steelman In this December 20 interview, Sarno Award-winning casino architect Paul Steelman discusses several of his projects, Atlantic City’s Steel Pier, … Read more

Occasional Paper 11: Nevada Licensing

After last week’s G2E-packed schedule, I’m glad to have a little time to post the Center for Gaming Research’s latest Occasional Paper: Paper 11: October 2011 Robert D. Faiss and Gregory R. Gemignani. “Nevada Gaming Licensing: Qualifications, Standards, and Procedures.” ABSTRACT: The process of acquiring a Nevada gaming license is long and consists of several … Read more

New CGR paper: “Nevada Gaming Statutes: Their Evolution and History”

One of the best things about my job at the Center for Gaming Research is that I get to read and share some great articles. A few weeks ago, I attended the i-Gaming workshop put on by Lionel Sawyer & Collins–you might have read about it (here’s a good Gaming Today piece). Reading through the … Read more

UNLV Gaming Podcast 31 is up

I’ve got the first UNLV Gaming Podcast in about 6 months posted. It’s Kah-Wee Lee’s excellent Colloquium talk. Here are the details: 31-September 15, 2011 Kah-Wee Lee "Taming Vice: How Machines and Architecture Changed the Culture of Gambling" Lee is a doctoral candidate in the department of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. His … Read more

Updated 2004-2011 poker study up

While answering questions about the impact of the Black Friday indictments on Nevada poker, I thought I’d take a look at what impact previous interdiction attempts (the passage of UIGEA, the implementation of UIGEA) had on Nevada poker. So I compiled a month-by-month summary of Nevada’s poker results for the past seven years. Because I … Read more

Six-month NV gaming analysis

Each month, there’s a lot of sound and fury about what the results released by the Gaming Control Board really mean. And each month, when asked what I thought, I used to look at the numbers, compare them with the previous year’s, and speak.

Last year I decided to shift perspective a little by adding more historical depth. With monthly reports from 2004 onward freely available, I figured it was lazy not to use them. So I started comparing the recently released number for February 2011 with not just February 2010, but every February from 2004 to 2011.

This let me see the overall pattern a lot better, and even though it involves some work, I think it’s worth it, because it provides some more context for the numbers.

I think this is important because both investors and industry leaders make decisions partially based on the numbers, and I think that the more people understand about them, the better decisions they’ll make. It might not be able to predict the future, but the historical perspective will undoubtedly give people a much better grasp on the present.

For a while now, I’ve been playing around with another way to contextualize the numbers. Around the third quarter of last year I started putting out a “Year to Date” report that including data from the start of the calendar year. But early in the year, that’s not much value, and late in the year it’s just too much data that’s good for guessing what the year-end totals will be, but not necessarily telling you which direction the industry’s heading in at the moment.

So to provide that, I’ve put together a new report: Nevada Gaming Statistics: The Last Six Months. Here’s the explanation and the executive summary for the inaugural edition:

Read more

Feb. Nevada number comparison

I’ve got the Nevada gaming revenue comparison and analysis for February up. Here’s the executive summary: For Nevada’s gaming revenues, February 2011 had little to celebrate, though in some ways the numbers aren’t as dire as they seem at first glance. Comparatively, the Strip continues to outperform much of the state, but it is still … Read more

RJ Rowley paper posted at CGR

I’ve got a new occasional paper up. This one is a print distillation of RJ Rowley’s excellent Colloquium talk: Rex J. Rowley. “Where the Locals Play: Neighborhood Casino Landscapes in Las Vegas” ABSTRACT: Neighborhood casinos—gaming properties that target a primarily local market—are an influential feature on the Las Vegas cultural landscape. Such institutions reveal a … Read more