New Lower Price for Roll the Bones ebook

In a little experiment on price sensitivity in the ebook format, I’ve decided to slash the price of the e-version of Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling by nearly 20%. The list price for all versions of the RTB ebook is now $7.99. You can learn more or buy it at your favorite ebook retailer:

The Grandissimo ebook(s), take 1

Grandissimo is available as an ebook!

The Kindle book has been available since Friday, and the Nook version went on sale today. If you want to buy the book for either platform, you can do it right now.

It’s a bit more complicated for the other two platforms I’ve created ebooks for. 

Kobo is telling me that the book has been published, but there isn’t a page for the book in the Kobo store as of right now, so when you search for the book you get this. I’m hoping that the book page appears soon. When it does, I will, and you must believe this, let you know.

EDIT LATER THAT NIGHT: The Kobo version is now available! Go here to see for yourself. 

The iBook version has been submitted. It validated on my first submission attempt, which was one little victory for me. I don’t know when it will show up in the store—it could be tomorrow, or it could be late next week. But I will certainly let you know when it does.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the book—sales on both Amazon and Kindle have been respectable. If you like the book, I would be grateful if you could leave a review and let others know what to expect from it.