Gamblers & vulture brains

This might be the nuttiest gambling story of the year. You’ve got to read it to believe it. From the Independent Online: Traditional beliefs about the clairvoyant powers of vultures could spell trouble for the birds as gamblers look for a sure bet during the World Cup. According to muti tradition, eating the brains of … Read more

Andy Rooney takes on gambling

Part-time economist and full-time curmudgeon Andy Rooney trashed the gambling business in a recent 60 Minutes piece: The thing that bothers me most about gambling is that people fritter away money so they don’t get to spend it on things that someone else has been paid to produce. Gambling produces nothing. There’s only so much … Read more

Gambling Goes Mainstream | Global Gaming Business Magazine

At the “opening ceremonies” for Aria, U.S. Green Buildings Council CEO Rick Fedrizzi said that Aria was an example of what architecture should be, and that schoolchildren should be brought in to see the building for itself as an example of what the future would be. “Wow,” I thought, “Bringing kids to a casino to … Read more

Playing Casino War with the universe

With all of the problems the Large Hadron Collider has had, a pair of physicists are mulling the possibility that nature itself is conspiring against it. It’s possible, they say, that the potential creation of a Higgs boson particle is so abhorrent that “ripples through time” are preventing the machine from operating as it’s supposed … Read more

Gambling can save your marriage!

A columnist in the St. Augustine Record has a prescription for women who are dreading the return of football season: gambling! You can bridge this gap with one of the greatest relationship problem solvers I know: gambling. Thats right. A few interesting wagers can easily return your family from football fan and widow to weekend … Read more

New podcast lecture up

We were lucky to host an outstanding Gaming Research Colloquium talk today: Dr. Nicholas Tosney spoke about some parallels between early modern British gambling and 20th century Las Vegas gambling. Great stuff that I highly recommend. Nick Tosney: Commercialization, Crime, and Casinos – Center for Gaming Research. Subscribe to the UNLV Gaming Podcast in iTunes, … Read more