Another anti-gambling editorial

Another week, another smug, alarmist anti-online gambling editorial, this time from the Christian Science Monitor: Fresh from fixing Wall Street’s casinolike ways in high finance, Congress begins work Tuesday on a bill to overturn a 2006 law banning Internet gambling in the US. The measure is being rushed through the House Financial Services Committee on … Read more

Hearing on net gambling

Online gamblers can breathe easy: Congress is now on the case. This Friday, a panel will discuss whether or not it is possible to regulate online gaming. From ABC: A U.S. House of Representatives panel said on Monday it will hold a hearing on Friday to look at Internet gambling, which is effectively banned in … Read more

Frank introduces anti-ban bill

In what might be the opening salvo of a campaign to reverse 46 years of federal anti-cross-border gambling action, Barney Frank has introduced a bill to legalize Internet gaming. From Marketwatch: Attempting to roll back a ban on online gambling, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank introduced on Thursday a bill that would permit … Read more

Antigua v. US: Round three…fight!!

I just love this headline: Tiny Antigua grabs the US by its illegal, online dice. The story is interesting, too: Has the time actually come for Congress to read its own legislation? In the wee hours before Congressmen could head off for their election year recess, they managed to churn out a mound of unread … Read more

Online poker will go on

All you people who get really worked up over gambling online, click over to the article and bang your chest at the denoument. It’s from Yahoo!News: It was getting late on Oct. 12, the night before a sweeping anti-Internet gambling bill would be signed into law. Paul McGuire was at his computer, enjoying one last … Read more

Russians veto casino bill

The Russian State Duma–their version of parliament–voted down a bill that would have created a new regulatory framework for Russian casinos. Existing regulation, it seems, is something of a slapdash affair. From RIA Novosti: The bill’s doom does not mean gamblers and casino proprietors have several more years to enjoy the absence of related legislation, … Read more

Internet Gambling Prohibition summarized

Do you want to know just what the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition” is? I’ve printed out all 107 pages of the “Security and Accountability For Every Port Act of 2006,” AKA, the SAFE Port Act, and, skipping ahead to page 94, I’ll summarize the relevant bits for you. Section 801 of the SAFE Port … Read more