The NHL is coming to Las Vegas because America is now a casino nation – The Washington Post

I got the opportunity to write a piece about how the NHL’s announcement it is coming to Las Vegas fits in with the history of gambling for the Washington Post. Here is a small sample: In that atmosphere, professional sports — whose legitimacy has at times been tainted by gambling-related scandals from the infamous 1919 … Read more

Is Nevada Moving Away From Gambling? | Vegas Seven

In this week’s Green Felt Journal, I consider the 150-year history of Nevada and gambling, and wonder what the future will hold: The original match wasn’t exactly a marriage of convenience, but it wasn’t a forbidden romance, either. When Nevada joined the Union in 1864, it soberly criminalized the gambling that had been rampant—as it was … Read more

2/24 UNLV Gaming Research Colloquium: Professor Darryl A. Smith

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Gaming Research Colloquium talk that we’re hosting at UNLV: Please join us at 12:15 PM, Thursday, Feb. 24, as February Gaming Research Fellow Darryl A. Smith delivers a Gaming Research Colloquium talk titled “’Dark with Excessive Bright:’ Gambling Tells and the Gaming Taboo.” Smith, an assistant professor of religious … Read more

Ho’s wife’s maid wins the lottery

This story’s only tangentially about gambling, but it’s interesting in a quirky sort of way. From the Malaysian Star: A Malaysian maid working in Hong Kong has reportedly won over HK$30mil RM12mil in a local lottery, China Press reported.The middle-aged woman is a helper at the mansion of Angela Leong, the fourth wife of casino … Read more

New Occasional Paper at UNLV

Hey everyone, I’ve just posted a new occasional paper over at It’s part of a bigger study of locals sports books by recent UNLV sociology Ph.D. Fred Krauss: Fred Krauss. “Taking the Points: The Socialization Process of a Sports Book Regular.” Patrons of a casino sports book use the environment for much more than … Read more

Vegas Seven double shot

It’s Thursday, and if you like my writing for Vegas Seven, it’s a lucky Thursday, since I’ve got my usual Green Felt Journal column and a more in-depth Latest Word. The Latest Word piece takes a philosophical and even theological look at poker, winning, and losing: In other words, poker isn’t always fair. Of course, … Read more