Nevada gaming year-to-date report is out

I response to a few questions, I put together some gaming revenue data and came up with Nevada Gaming Statistics: Year-to-Date Comparison, a look at how this year’s results stack up against last year’s. Found some interesting things. Statewide, in 2009 the January-August total revenue was $6,944,221,000. In 2010, it was $6,937,680,000. A decrease of … Read more

Someone in the news looks at the numbers

Often, folks in the media accept whatever number’s thrown at them when gambling’s concerned. If someone says a study claims that governments will make billions a year legalizing online gambling, it’s accepted without question. But Josh McMahon of New Jersey News Room actually did some research when it comes to one net gaming proposal: What … Read more

A decade of decline?

This is one of those moment of ambivalence that we all face at some time or another. On one hand, I’m pretty happy to be finished working on the 2009 Nevada gaming breakdown (pdf) and the Nevada Gaming Revenue:Long-term trends report (pdf). On the other, the actual data in those reports aren’t really happy fun … Read more

Biggest drop ever

The 2009 Nevada gaming numbers are in, and they are not exactly encouraging. From the LVRJ: Gaming revenues in Nevada fell 10.4 percent in 2009, the largest single year decline in state history. Casinos statewide collected almost $10.392 billion from gamblers during the year, the lowest one-year total since 2003 according to figures released this … Read more