The (illegal) Beach Club shines

For the first half of the 20th century, Edward Riley Bradley’s Beach Club, located in Palm Beach, was the finest illegal gambling establishment in Florida and, some would argue, the entire country.

You can read more about illegal casinos (and legal ones too) in Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling

Go here to read an excerpt from the book, or learn where to buy your copy.

Gambling the Chicago Way, Circa 1850

It didn’t take long for the Windy City to develop a reputation as a center for illegal gambling. By the 1850s, there were a host of upscale but dishonest skinning houses near Lake and State streets, and lower-amenity gambling in a rough part of town known as the Sands (this area has no known connection to the later Las Vegas casino of the same name).

You can learn plenty more about Chicago’s long gambling historyin Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling

Go here to read an excerpt from the book, or learn where to buy your copy.

Extreme Makeover: Sports Betting Edition

Cops in Royal Oak, Michigan, have gotten their digs renovated–thanks to bookies. From the Chicago Tribune: The second floor of the citys police station has a new look thanks to money seized a decade ago from a sports gambling operation. The department put up almost $34,000 for the $52,000 renovation completed Wednesday, most of it … Read more

Gambling ref pleads guilty

Tim Donaghy, the NBA ref accused of gambling on games that he refereed, has plead guilty. From USA Today: The Boston Celtics, favored by four points, faced the 76ers in Philadelphia on Dec. 13 and won 101-81 in what seemed to be just another NBA blowout featuring bad Atlantic Division teams. On or about the … Read more

NBA ref gambling scandal

This might put the kabosh on plans to bring an NBA franchise to Las Vegas…or not. An NBA ref has reportedly used his position to influence the outcome of games he had action on. From UPI: An NBA referee is reportedly under investigation by U.S. authorities for allegedly fixing games over the past two seasons, … Read more

Consul craps busted

I don’t have much of a reason for putting this story up, except to prove perhaps that gambling can flourish anywhere. From The Raw Story: Police were searching for Senegal’s honorary consul after finding the consulate in Singapore was doubling as a gambling den packing up to 100 enthusiasts a night, officials said on Sunday. … Read more

Shaming the game

Illegal gambling is notoriously hard to stamp out, because it is usually socially acceptable. A Philippine anti-gambling group wants to change that. From INQ7: A man from a remote barangay in Central Luzon unwittingly placed a bet on “jueteng,” the underground lottery so despised by the clergy in his area. He didn’t win the pot, … Read more

What will it take?

Internet gambling is getting bigger and bigger. The NCAA, for example, has learned that, shockingly, people are using the phrase “March Madness” to promote betting on its championship tournament. And the organization is piping hot mad: it’s issued cease and desist orders. To protect Americans from online gambling, two Congressmen have re-introduced the Internet Gambling … Read more

Illegal gambling and…parking?

I’m doing a quick hit today because I’ve been totally pre-occupied with getting ready for the big relaunch. But this story was hard to pass up. Check out the intro from the Philly Daily News: KNOW IT’S wrong, but I feel for the lunks who got busted for operating that illegal Port Richmond casino. … Read more