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Author David G. Schwartz summarizes chapter 16, “All In: Gambling’s Global Spread,” of Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling (Casino Edition).

This chapter includes the background of casino gambling in a number of nations, including China (Macau), Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, North Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Great Britain, and more.

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A Place in the Sun

When it opened in 1952, the Sands casino was known as “A Place in the Sun,” and once it signed Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin as entertainers, it became the most popular casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Today, the Sands name lives on in Las Vegas Sands, Inc., the company that owns the Venetian, Palazzo, and Sands Expo Center on the Strip as well as casinos in Pennsylvania, Macau, and Singapore.

As a result, the Sands name is found in the world’s top three gambling markets—a fitting tribute to the place where Vegas got much of its magic back in the 1950s and 1960s.

You can read more about the Sands and other Las Vegas hotels  in Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling

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Gaming Regulations Evolving in Global Gaming Business

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Sandoval’s message to gaming in the Las Vegas Business Press

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