Buy Grandissimo at Caesars Palace

Jay Sarno revolutionized Las Vegas with Caesars Palace, so it’s only fitting that Grandissimo is now on sale there. There is some symbolism in the fact that it went on sale yesterday, August 5, which was the 48th anniversary of Caesars’ wild opening—a day that Grandissimo talks about in great detail.

Right now, you can get the book in two locations. The first is the Caesars store in the Forum Shops, just to the right as you exit the casino.


Here is a shot of a few books in their natural setting:


if you’re strolling down the Appian Way, you can pick up a copy at Emperor’s Essentials:


The book is just inside the front door.


I’d like to thank Sherell Bartley at Caesars Entertainment retail and the staff of both stores for making the book available.

Get signed books at Barnes and Noble in Henderson

If you missed your chance to get a signed copy of Grandissimo at one of the many events that I’ve been at lately, I have good news: there are several signed copies available for purchase at the Barnes and Noble on 567 N. Stephanie (info and directions). And here’s a picture of me signing one of them:


Thanks to everyone at the store who made this happen. I was very happy to hear that the book is selling well.

If you can’t find Grandissimo at your favorite bookseller yet, please ask them to stock it. Thanks!

Paperback edition available again!

I’ve successfully migrated Roll the Bones from Lulu to CreateSpace, which means that the book is available directly from the print on demand vendor again.

The upshot of all this for you, the reader, is that the retail price has dropped from $26.00 to $21.95. Thanks for CreateSpace producing books less expensively than Lulu, I’m able to offer them at that new, low price. 

I’ve also made a few slight interior changes, including modifying the title page and cleaning up a few typos, and the spine of the book is now much better looking. I’ll try to post a picture later.

This printing will be working its way into other distribution channels over the next week or so, so if you’re planning on buying from Barnes and Noble, wait until you see it for $21.95 retail. At Amazon, it’s now on sale for $20.85. Follow this link and you can’t go wrong!

Thanks to everyone who helped me migrate the book. And thanks to you, if you have bought it or are thinking about buying it.

New paperback printing

If you want to buy this book in paperback, I’ve got some good news and some inconvenient news.

The good news: I’m changing my print-on-demand vendor from Lulu to Create Space, which will substantially lower the cost of the paperback ($26 retail to $21.95).

The bad news is that it will take a little bit of time for the change to go through, so you may have difficulty ordering the book over the next week or so. As of now it’s still for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but is no longer available directly on Lulu. 

With the help of CreateSpace’s great technical services team, I’m hoping to have the CreateSpace store open within the next two weeks, with the book’s availability at its new price on Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon after.

The upshot? If you’re thinking of buying Roll the Bones, hang on for a week or two. If you want something of mine to read in the meantime, I’ve got two options: here’s my archive of Vegas Seven writing, which runs to tens of thousands of words, and here’s some info about Cutting the Wire: Gambling Prohibition and the Internet, which is also a fun read.

The Roll the Bones ebook is still available across all platforms, and will continue to be.

Roll the Bones: Casino Edition Available (Almost) Everywhere

If you’ve been waiting to buy Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling (Casino Edition) in paperback from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, wait no longer: it’s now available from both booksellers, as well as, where you get a 20% discount: Amazon: Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling (Casino Edition) $26 (free shipping) Barnes and … Read more