SugarHouse preview

Chuck Darrow of the Philadelphia Inquirer offers a preview of the soon-to-open SugarHouse casino: At 45,000-and-change square feet, SugarHouse is by far the region's smallest betting parlor. This is a function of casino officials' sensitivity to the surrounding Fishtown neighborhood, residents of which did not want a supersized facility. Its surprisingly low ceilings add to … Read more

Faith-based gaming

I’ve explained, opined, asserted, declared, and suggested, but at last I’ve reached the stage in my career where I can quip. From the Daily Review: After defeat at polls in 1974, a gaming referendum in New Jersey succeeded two years later thanks to an alliance between gaming interests and the Roman Catholic Church, explained David … Read more

Anti-casino archives

I’ve always hoped that, just as I spend most of my working (NOT waking) hours documenting and preserving the history of the gaming industry, there is someone, somewhere who is cataloging the decline and demise of gaming. My wish has come true. From the Evening Sun: The battle fought over a failed proposal to build … Read more

Quote of the day, 12/23/04

“Don’t give me that addiction crap. Your generation’s always passing the buck, looking for excuses. If only you learned there’s no free lunch in this world.”

–Some old guy in a gym responding to a columnist’s contention that gambling leads to addiction which “leads to embezzlement, bankruptcies, family problems, domestic violence and other social ills.”

The columnist’s subtle touch seems to imply that people who enjoy gambling are myopic and stupid.

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Slots, urban design, and destination dreams

Philly Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron doesn’t think much of the recently-passed slot bill. From (reg. required): The legalization of slot machines in Pennsylvania was sold to the public as a form of tax relief, although tax redistribution strikes me as a better term. Harrisburg will use part of the money deposited in the … Read more