An approach they won’t use

Sheldon Adelson’s drive to find America’s most boring city notwithstanding, most people agree that Las Vegas’ tourist strategy might need a little tweak. Should the town emphasize value, or carefree fun? It’s a serious question. Here’s one approach that I don’t think we’ll be dusting off anytime soon: Las Vegas, home of weapons of mass … Read more

More pessimism from the past

Doing some research for my epochal article on the Strip’s recovery from the travails of the early 1980s, I found this quote in a Boston Globe Magazine article written by Connie Paige: This year’s visit…was different. Life seemed to have switched into neutral. Snatches of conversation with some of the army of casino workers…soon made … Read more

Guess the year

Can you guess the year that an article appeared in Forbes magazine with these quotes?

— “Las Vegas is showing signs that it is becoming overbuilt.”

–“With traffic growing more slowly than capacity, older casinos have been hurting. Atlantic City casinos fared much worse last year.”

— “Steve Wynn put it this way: ‘The old formulas don’t work anymore. Customers won’t come just to see a Sinatra. You’ve got to give them an entire resort experience with spectacular scenery.”

–“Nevada Gaming Board [sic] data show that 42% of Las Vegas’s casinos were unprofitable last year. Casino bond issues totaling $612 million are in deafult with a number of others on shaky ground.”

Read after the break for the answer….

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