How to Prepare for Emerging Gaming Today – Vegas Seven

In this week’s Green Felt Journal, I expand a little on my testimony in front of the Gaming Policy Committee: During a meeting convened by Governor Brian Sandoval earlier this month, the task before the Gaming Policy Committee was clear: Figure out how Nevada can adapt to emerging gaming—a sprawling, shifting area that, right now, comprises … Read more

How a Few Regulators Saved the Nevada Gaming Industry | Vegas Seven

In this week’s Green Felt Journal, I consider how strict regulation with room for discretion helped save Nevada gaming in the 1960s: Sawyer’s “hang tough” policy emerged at a crucial time: Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department would ratchet up pressure on Nevada casinos starting in 1961, and without the good-faith efforts of Sawyer’s appointees to clean … Read more

Online gambling, taxes, and regulation

Some federal debate on legalizing and taxes online gambling, from the LVRJ: Democrat Shelley Berkley said she backs legalizing Internet gambling, but said it is too early to think about taxing it. “Because the industry is not even established yet, I can’t imagine how we can know with any degree of certainty how the special … Read more