Two for the Money reviewed

Check out this review of the new Al Pacino movie Two for the Money from the aptly-named Couch Slouch: There’s a new sports-betting movie out called “Two for the Money.” Larry King calls it “the best movie about gambling ever made! … This film has everything.” Couch Slouch calls it “the worst movie about gambling … Read more

NCAA troubled by betting

In case you missed ESPN’s hyperbolic exposition of “bracketology” this weekend, the berths for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament have been announced, beginning one of bookies’ favorite times of the year, March Madness. And the NCAA is shocked, yes, shocked that people gamble on the tournament, and suggests that the best way to end this national rite is to usurp the right of the people of Nevada to decide whether or not their state should offer legal sports betting.

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Betting on nothing

NHL owners have locked out their players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get action down on hockey this season. From the Edmonton Journal: An Antigua-based sports-betting firm has become the first to put odds on the outcome of the National Hockey League lockout, and how it could affect a season scheduled to open Oct. … Read more

Gambling and sports

I read an interesting piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the links between gambling and sports.  Here’s the opening, but I really urge you to read the whole thing: The relationship between sports and gambling, once at arm’s length and now almost hand in hand, is embodied by the brothers Maloof. The family owns both … Read more