Pants for the lounging gambling devil

Do you know a slender guy or gal who
A) likes gambling
B) is devilishly inclined
C) likes lounge pants?

Well, this auction is just for you:

super comfortable Lounge Pants. 100 % cotton jersey knit fabric. Made in the USA. MSRP $24.99. Brand new, never worn, never washed. They have an elastic waist band and are printed all over with A pattern of eight-balls, skulls, 13’s, devil heads, and spades. All these are bordered with crossed swords, on a dark brown background. This is really a great looking print. Can be worn lounging around the house or also in public. (These pants do not have the fly opening.)
Nicely made and super comfortable!
eBay: LOUNGE PANTS / PAJAMA Las Vegas Casino CRAPS Dice Small (item 8345841261 end time Oct-26-05 15:01:33 PDT)

Devilsh gambling lounge pants

Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for a religious conservative/anti-gambling activist? I mean, skulls, devils heads, 8-balls, and spades, all in one pant?

I’m just amazed that this print hasn’t become a casino carpet yet.

Author: Dave

Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and author of several books, including Roll the Bones: The History of Gaming. Also Gaming and Hospitality editor for Vegas Seven magazine.