Talking about the Mob at UNLV

If you can make it, we’re hosting a provocative talk at UNLV in two weeks. Here’s the info:

January 29, 2009
Gaming Research Colloquium Series:
Leslie Nino Fidance
William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV
“The Mob Never Ran Vegas”
Thursday, January, 12:15 pm
UNLV Special Collections
Download flyer (pdf)

Center for Gaming Research: Special Events

If you can’t make it, I should have the audio posted as part of the UNLV Gaming podcast series. This is definitely a talk to remember–I’ve read the paper it’s based on and the author makes many good points.

Even if you don’t plan on going, click through to see the flyer, which I will accept full blame for. It’s the kind of thing that a serious academic probably wouldn’t come up with, but c’mon, the talk is about the mob in Vegas.

Author: Dave

Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and author of several books, including Roll the Bones: The History of Gaming. Also Gaming and Hospitality editor for Vegas Seven magazine.

One thought on “Talking about the Mob at UNLV”

  1. I try not to comment in forums (since people react strangely to me) so this is likely my first and last time posting.

    But, I want to say that I am so very glad to see that someone is finally out to correct the Mob-Myth once and for all (especially with the Mob Museum coming along to try bringing the myth further back to life).

    Whatever (backroom financial) involvement the Mob may have had, certainly had very little impact or influence on anything involving Las Vegas hospitality, creativity, advertising, showmanship, architecture or design.

    When I drove a taxi I must have heard this statement 2,000 times: (“when the Mob ran Vegas…..”).

    IMHO this town was built on the vision of pioneers and legitimate businessmen.

    To give credit to thug mentality from outside of Nevada (in creating this city’s way of operating) diminishes from the great work of thousands of early, local Las Vegas leaders in a hundred different fields.

    Maybe the Mob was useful in certain dubious branches of security, but they had little influence on the progressive expertise our local leaders provided in creating the excellence in Hospitality that Las Vegas is best known for.

    What do I know, thou? I was just an infant during the supposed heyday and reign of the mob.

    Yet, I prefer giving due credit to the visions and gentlemanly professionalism of people like Hull, Moore, Jackie, Mc Afee, Beldon, Wilbur, Major Riddle, Howard, Sarno, Benny, Kirk, Del Webb, Wynn, and even Cornero.

    Whatever influence gangster or Teamster money may have had, sure didn’t have any relevance towards the nature of the Hospitality Industry…except maybe in providing some of the funds under which it could function and advance.

    I truly doubt that Jimmy Hoffa could have had any creative input on the Hospitality Industry… much less even run a simple Vegas coffee shop successfully.

    Still. People seem to prefer liking and believing in the antics of guys like Lefty and the theatrical character-types played by Pesci and Deniro.

    I truly hope Leslie can shed some truthful light on long-lived fables myths and half-truths.

    I look forward to hearing the podcast.

    Sorry for writing so long Dave. It will be my last time.

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