Casino fetish

I saw this back on Sunday in the LVRJ and thought I’d share it:

The Vegas Club has introduced a new low-limit “Fetish Pit” beginning at 7 p.m. every Thursday through Saturday. Dealers are dressed as “naughty nurses,” “sexy school girls,” “risqué female cops” or “leather-clad biker chicks” while pole dancers perform on a raised platform.

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Sounds fun, doesn’t it? As fetishes go, those might be the ones most in keeping with the “Sin City” image and the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s ideas of what should and shouldn’t go on inside a licensed casino. I’m surprised they let the “sexy school girl” thing go, what with pedophilia not exactly being the sort of thing that tends to promote a law-abiding image. But since the age of consent in Nevada is 16, I guess they could be theoretically be older high school students. Still, it’s creepy.

Author: Dave

Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and author of several books, including Roll the Bones: The History of Gaming. Also Gaming and Hospitality editor for Vegas Seven magazine.

6 thoughts on “Casino fetish”

  1. Who-da thunk it could happen? Perhaps this is just the percursor needed to gain ground for the eventuality of future casino strip-clubs.

    When I drove a taxi I always wondered why Strip casinos would so-easily allow their customers to leave and venture all the way over to Industrial Road for sexier entertainment.

    It’s always seemed to me that the (off the beaten path )’strip-club visit’ breaks the continuity and momentum that casinos work so hard to achieve with their 3 day guests.

    Maybe now, with Caesars ‘Shadow Bar’ and this new ‘LV Club Fetish Pit’ (slightly opening the way) — maybe other casinos will figure out dignified ways to place strip-clubs somewhere on their own properties and keep guests on the Strip.

    Everytime a group of guys go to a strip-club the whole journey usually eats up about 4-6 hours of their 48 hour Vegas visit. It’s always baffled me that the casinos don’t try harder to keep that from happening.

    I’m sure someone will site some ancient Gaming law that prohibits strip-clubs from being on the Strip. But to me, it seems the time has come for all the action to be on the main boulevard.

    Just an ex-cabbie’s thought.

  2. I saw this so-called “fetish” pit last week. The only fetish I saw being catered to was for people into tattoos, c-section scars, and weathered ex-strippers.

  3. I will give The Vegas Club credit for trying something different and also trying to bring younger people downtown who might be interested in this sort of environment. It seems like RoachClipCharly checked it out and was not to impressed. Give the “Fetish Pit” some time and maybe it will be successful. Maybe the Vegas Club can hire some strippers from the nearby Glitter Gulch Strip Club to work in the “Fetish Pit”.

    I have another idea for downtown that might bring some young people (mostly male) down there: female mud wrestling. I’m not sure if you could have this in a casino but I’m sure there is an empty lot somewhere downtown where this could happen. You could have female mud wrestling over near the Lady Luck considering its empty and vacant over there. I bet Oscar Goodman would love to referee female mud wrestling with a martini in his hand while he is promoting downtown.

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