Real life vs. reel life

I found this courtesy of Stiffs and Georges. Take a look at these transcripts, then tell me that this scenario wasn’t a lot funnier when Jon Favreau did it in Swingers.

John Fredericks Voicemail Transcripts – Las Vegas Now.

That’s one of the greatest single-actor scenes I’ve ever watched. The transcripts are just…awful. We don’t know the other side of the conversation in the early stages, but it’s clear once it gets to October 2nd that this is a monologue.

Author: Dave

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One thought on “Real life vs. reel life”

  1. This is an extremely funny post. Especially when the transcript for October 2 turns into a nearly exact repeat of the ‘Swingers’ phone-call (although not nearly as good). But Fredericks left a grand total of 70 calls in a day…so he needs to get some extra points for sheer endurance.

    I’d laugh harder at John…but, (I’m sorry to admit that) I can understand how a person’s mind can play such tricks on them, to where they can believe a ‘grand conspiracy of avoidance’ is going on. Such can be the terrible nature of talking to an phone-answering system.

    I did something similar, in 1981, while trying to retrieve a promised joint. It turned out that my friend had already left a written note on my car windshied that I hadn’t seen. The embarrassment was awful.
    After that night I swore I’d never again…ever…leave an ’emotional voice message’.

    But then E-mail was invented and in 1998 I wrote a few e-mails very similar to this Swingers’ phone-call. I’m just glad I never took it to the point where John did by leaving ‘revenge messages’ about reporting the lady to the SPCA for abusing her dog. hahaha.

    Someday I’ll need to tell you my story of driving Vince Vaughn from the Palms to Mandalay. Of course, I become the hero of THAT story. What can I saw…I’m a hero and legend in my own mind. haha.

    Poor John Fredericks though. Publicly humiliated by phone-transcripts that are more damaging than Nixon’s. His (mean spirited) kharma bit him in the rear.

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