Latest GFJ: The Power of Twitter

My much-anticipated Green Felt Journal piece about casino tweeting–which inspired me to finally claim @unlvgaming and get to work–is out, in today’s Vegas Seven:

Casinos are always looking for new ways to reach customers. So it’s no surprise that they’ve embraced Twitter, the popular social networking application that lets anyone tell the world, in 140 characters or less, “what’s happening.”

Casino tweets range from straight-up promo offers TI Suite Sale $50 F&B + 20% Off Spa / Also $61 Strip View w/free breakfast to single-sentence press releases Celine Dion is returning to @CaesarsPalace and will be back home at the ColosseumatCP 3/15/2011! to actual interaction with followers Hey #vegas tweeps, come introduce yourself this Saturday night! #stationsocials.

On one hand, it’s great that casinos are connecting with potential customers, whether it’s by smoke signals or Short Message Service. On the other, just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Does all of this tweeting, retweeting and following actually add anything to the bottom line, or is it just sound and fury for the sake of sound and fury?

via Tweets connecting casinos with potential customers | Vegas Seven.

It was a fun piece to write, and I learned quite a bit from my talks with Brandie and Hunter (though to be fair, I get to talk to Hunter every few weeks on the Vegas Gang). With an Advertising and New Media Summit at the next Casino Marketing Conference, it’s clear that social media is increasing in importance for casinos, just as it is for other businesses.

Author: Dave

Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and author of several books, including Roll the Bones: The History of Gaming. Also Gaming and Hospitality editor for Vegas Seven magazine.

2 thoughts on “Latest GFJ: The Power of Twitter”

  1. As it is with most new things, I thought Twitter was much different than what I first imagined it to be. I basically only heard about it from The Ellen Degeneres Show.

    A year ago I thought it was simply a place to go to hear what celebrities said what they were doing at the moment. (Like Ashton Kucher telling people he drove to the Malibu Blockbuster store at 7:15).

    At first it seemed stupid and trivial…and I wondered why anyone would want to be committed (and plugged-into) such meaningless news reporting of there own and other people’s personal social lives.

    Then, last week…when DGS signed up with Twitter, I figured he must know something I didn’t…and that he wouldn’t become a member unless there was something substantial involved with it.

    After I signed up I visited the people Dave was following. I didn’t realize there were so many Vegas Websites out there and so many Vegas Twitterers. I started visiting other Vegas people’s favorite ‘followings’ and chose a few more Twits to follow.

    During the last week I’ve gotten 27 followers myself (which took me by surprise) and made me feel good that these people would even think to add me to their lists. (My ‘inferiority complex’ often over-rides my ‘superiority complex’ and I don’t understand why people would even be interested in what I might have to report).

    Except I don’t have much to Twit about. I feel like I’m not adding enough, but also don’t want to add too much stupid stuff either. (I’m already doing that right here on TDIC).

    If I “got out more” I might have more to say.

    But it has turned out to be lots of fun to hear what events Hunter and and Chuck are doing…and following other people’s Vegas moves and thoughts.

    I wish I could find one ‘central site’ that tells all the daily things that might be happening in Vegas.

    I usually only find out about special events after they’ve came and gone. As I photographer I’d like to be able to know about certain ‘celebrity spottings’ and exhibits and other things that might be happening (before the event has passed).

    Anyway. One thing I’ve noticed about Twitter is that I can only have 36 images of the people I follow on the front page. Otherwise, certain people I want to be able to follow get shoved to a second and third page.

    So…as I add new people I want to follow…I delete other people (like Mayor Goodman…who doesn’t update too much…or John Ralston…who I didn’t want to delete, but I can live without his topics. I deleted Holly Madison, because…..well, I can live without her reports too. Hugh Hefner will likely soon be deleted. All he really has to talk about are what movies he’s showing at the Mansion that night).

    As for Kim Kardahian. Well, she’s soon-to-be-deleted as well…cuz, all she Tweets about is a constant barrage of Twits about loving her brother and sisters and where she just at dinner…and it’s mostly all written in that “Text Messaging” abbreviated language which I don’t care to learn.

    So…as for Kim. Well bye-bye. She’s not Vegasly Relevant enough to listen to.

    I’ve found my favorite local Vegas Bunch (Vegas Rex, Vegas Tripping, Rate Vegas, Access Vegas…and about 33 others). I’ll get my list fine-tuned soon. I still don’t know too much about RSS feeds and stuff like that. There’s probably an easier way of accessing people’s new messages…which I don’t know about yet.

    I don’t really need to follow the entire world. I plan to mainly concentrate on local Vegas reports.

    I have fun reading Hunter’s (etc.) reports on sitting at a Paris Lounge getting “hammered”…or other people just saying what they are up to. It’s fun to hear where people are and the ‘everyday things’ they might be doing.

    I wish Twitter would allow me to shuffle my list of “Twit Icons’ around. As it is now, DGS’ Icon is on my front page and I don’t want his icon to end up too far back and harder to access.

    So. That’s my only complaint with Twitter. They should allow me to shuffle my most ‘needed icons’ and keep them on the first page. Then I can add and follow other people in the order of importance I want their icons to be placed.

    Someday I hope to post this one Twit:
    “I just hit Megabucks. Come party with me and I’ll show you the best three days you’ve ever had in Vegas”.

    I haven’t counted to see if that sentence runs longer than 160 characters. But seriously. If/When I hit Megabucks….the rooms, meals, drinks, hookers and tipping are on me. I’ll show everyone an updated Summer of Love they’ll never forget.

    10-4. Over and out.

  2. Oh yeah. Let me add this one other thought about why I am reluctant to post on Twitter. It seems that comments get posted onto Google. If old friends ‘search me out’ then some of the idiotic things I might post are there for everyone to see (even though I use the Screen Name of VegasPhotog).

    Perhaps I need to change my e-mail name so that won’t happen…but I didn’t realize that would be able to be ‘searched’.

    As it is now, all my Twittering will be suitable for all potential ‘Google Searchers’ to read. I have an ex-High School Sweetheart in Hawaii…that I don’t want thinking I’ve become “Too Vegas”.

    Does that darn Google have to blare every thought I might write, out to the entire world?! Jeez, Serge and Bryne. Please take your eyes off of my ‘life in Vegas’. What happens in Vegas…ends up on Google? It’s like Google is the new Big Brother.


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