AC aeronautical history

I’ve got a pretty interesting Atlantic City History article this month–it’s about the original Atlantic City Airshow, circa 1910. From Casino Connection:

The Atlantic City Airshow, “Thunder Over the Boardwalk,” has become a city tradition. Since 2003, the spectacle of U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and scores of other military aircraft buzzing over the Atlantic Ocean has drawn hundreds of thousands of spectators to the city each year. Fittingly, this summer’s edition is the biggest yet. It’s the 100th anniversary of the extravaganza that put Atlantic City on the aeronautical map.

via High-Flying History | High-Flying History | Casino Connection Atlantic City.

I always learn something when I write these columns.

2 thoughts on “AC aeronautical history”

  1. This is an informative article. The earliest flying extravaganzas that I knew about took place at San Francisco’s 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition (the world’s fair celebrating the rebirth of SF following the 1906 earthquake and the completion of the Panama Canal).

    I didn’t realize that Atlantic City was doing, in this scale, 5 years earlier.

    The Pan-Pac Exhibition was an amazing thing and place…built to only last for 18 months. Every night they had planes flying thru the light-show called the Scintillator.

    The entire fair was torn down and became the Marina District of SF.

    Last week I was watching old films of those flight-shows on a News Archive website. I think I’ll go there to see if they have any AC film.

  2. BTW, if you’re on the east coast that week, you might want to try AC for this airshow. It is truly incredible with the jets flying just above the boardwalk. Bring your earplugs and enjoy!

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