The hit that could have sunk Las Vegas | The Mob Museum

In memory of the 60th anniversary of perhaps the most famous failed mob hit in history, I wrote a blog piece for the Mob Museum:

On May 2, 1957, Frank Costello thought he had problems, but he had no idea. He was appealing a five-year prison sentence for federal income tax evasion (for which he had already served nearly a year) and decided to enjoy a dinner out with his wife and a few close friends. But befitting a man the press had dubbed the “boss of racketeers,” he had pressing business, so rather than stay out for drinks he caught a cab to his apartment at 115 Central Park West.

Source: The hit that could have sunk Las Vegas | The Mob Museum

Check out the Mob Museum blog--in addition to guest posts from folks like me, it’s got great stuff on organized crime past and present.

Author: Dave

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