Rat Pack vs. Devil

As the debate over moving casinos on shore heats up in Mississippi, I think that Bob Lizarraga’s print “The Rat Pack vs. the Devil for Control of the Strip” is somehow appropriate. If I ever redo my office with a them, I’d deck it out in Lizarraga prints.

I just thought of something. When something is in the ocean, it is offshore, and when its on land, its on shore or ashore.

Except in South Jersey. If Northfield and EHT were really “offshore,” they’d be in the middle of the Atlantic, right?

The New Die is Cast

I’ve done a minor site redesign, so If you’ve got the site cached, hit REFRESH. Otherwise things will look pretty funky.

Changes include:

– new color scheme
– new professional section detailing my consulting, speaking, and executive seminars.
– a new gallery: G2E 2005

Coming soon…RSS syndication, other changes.

If you know anything about migrating Greymatter to blogs that support RSS, give me a shout.

Gambling at the Last Supper?

Another day, another clash between religion and gambling, it seems. First of all, a Mississippi state representative from Pass Christian has called would-be moralists out over their insistence that Katrina was doing God’s bidding:

Rep. Jim Simpson of Pass Christian couldn’t believe the e-mails he received from some self-proclaimed Christians this week attempting to lobby against casinos rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

“I’ve gotten more than half a dozen from people who said, ‘I prayed for the destruction of Katrina. This is God’s wrath,'” said Simpson. “I got so mad I wanted to scream at them. But I didn’t respond. Not yet.”

Many of Simpson’s constituents died in Katrina. He lost his home and his business and pretty much everything he owns.

“I’m going to get together a list of all the obituaries,” Simpson said, “and send them in my response to them. I’m going to send that list and ask, ‘OK, was this part of your prayers? Did you want this to happen?’

Again, I’m not going to claim any kind of moral high ground or divine inspiration, but it seems to me that anyone who prays for harm to befall someone else is pretty twisted.

That’s not the biggest story that mixes gambling with religion today, though. For that we can thank Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaking company that felt it would be a tremendous laugh to restyle Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper–as a gambling party.
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God strikes back?

I’ve been waiting to hear this: the hurricanes that have recently struck the Gulf Coast are, apparently, God’s way of punishing us. Unfortunately, no one can agree just what we’ve done that’s so bad. There’s the usual suspects–gambling, drinking, etc–but nearly every religious zealot with a beef is stepping up to the plate on this one.
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Blogging and RSS

Anyone have any thoughts on how to either a) enable RSS feeds in Greymatter or b) migrate my existing Greymatter blog into Word Press? I’ve spent all morning trying to do both and have, regrettably nothing to show for it. Email if you’ve got any ideas, preferably easy to follow.

Also, if anyone wants to give me input on the slightly new look for the site that I’m working on, email me.

How many slots are there?

The full question is, how many legal slot machines are there in the United States? Thanks to an article in the always-accurate Gaming Today, I have a quick answer for you. Plus, you’ll get a wild guess for how much money they earn in a day and throughout the year.
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A Gambling Bear

Dealing with gambling, history, and popular culture for a living, I like to keep abreast of new developments. This means a whole bunch of things: following financial results for casino companies, checking out casinos for the latest games and promotions, and seeing how gambling is depicted in art. Today I decided to spend five minutes checking ebay for the latest gambling auctions, and I found Lucky, the Gambling Bear:

LUCKY the gambling bear

As of 9/27/05, you can still win this pot-sweeping bad boy by bidding on him here. He’s 16″ and fully jointed.

I don’t see any other bears, so I’ve got to ask…doesn’t he get lonely playing, um, with himself?
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Goodbye Grand

Last year, I snapped a picture of the Grand Casino Gulfport’s barge:
Grand Casino Gulfport, 2004

The Grand didn’t fare so well in Hurricane Katrina: it was swept from its moorings and deposited across Highway 90.

Today, I was emailed a series of photos of its implosion:

Why the implosion? Read on…
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