2011 Wrap-Up in the LVBP

In this week’s Las Vegas Business Press, I look back at 2011, trying to see what the big lessons are:

Closing the book on 2011 in the Las Vegas casino scene, one word comes to mind: paradox. There wasnt a clear trend leading us either into a more prosperous future or into the muck of even worse economic malaise. Instead, we got a little bit of everything, which means that the last page of this story hasnt been written yet.

via Las Vegas Business Press :: David G. Schwartz : In 11, lots of noise, little certainty for casinos.

This is probably the last look back at 2011 I’ll do–from here on out, it’s looking ahead–at least until next December/January.

Looking back on Two Way Hard Three

In case you missed it, I’ve had two posts on Two Way Hard Three this week–each, in its own way, looking backward.

The first, Biggest Story of 2011–Six Nominees, breaks down what I think were the six biggest stories of 2011.

The second, The Las Vegas Hilton: Looking Back, takes a look…back at the history of the Las Vegas Hilton, which as of Tuesday became “LVH–The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.”

So if you want a look at recent and not-so-recent history, that’s about 4,000 words worth of history for you to read.