Better late than never?

As came up in a discussion at the local United Blood Services center yesterday, people who move to Nevada know what they’re getting into–gambling, and lots of it. Gambling at supermarkets, at gas stations, and even at casino coffee shops thanks to the magic of keno. But Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins is showing why that body meets only once every two years: he’s proposing that the 2005 Legislature waste time increasing the statutory distance between casinos and schools or churches.
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Coasting back

I’m back from my conference on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and really buried by work. Still, I took the time to add some content on the right–let me know what you think.

I’ve got to say that I really liked the Gulf Coast. I got a great idea for a novel that might be my next project after Roll the Bones, and I definitely enjoyed being beachside for a while.

On the negative side, I had a really cruddy rental car with unexplained, hideous stains on all of the seats. I don’t even want to know how they got there. Also, I got carded just about every time I entered a casino. It was amusing at first, but got to be a real hassle after a while.

All told, though, it was a good time had by all. I got to see many parts of the Gulf Coast, and learned a great deal about globalization at the conference.

I also got some very encouraging news about my second book, which will no longer be called Uneasy Convictions. Email me with your title ideas, and win a mention in the acknowledgements!

Now, I’ve just got 4 article to write (2 by the end of the week), and 4 more trips in the next month. Also, there’s Roll the Bones to research and write, and the revisions on the second book.

Overextended doesn’t begin to describe where I’m at. Still, it’s better than sitting at home.

Look for an actual news update later. I’ve got some thoughts on the Westward Ho’s expansion project–as soon as I find something to link to the main story, I’ll post them.

Later in the week, look for photos of Mississippi and an additiion to the casino carpet gallery. Security was much stricter there–I got yelled at almost every time I took a picture. Still, for your web-browsing pleasure, I successfully captured images of all 12 Mississippi Gulf Coast properties. You won’t be disappointed.

Macau success story

The rapidly-growing casino industry in Macau is gathering steam. From the People’s Daily:

Macao’s casino racked in 500 million patacas (62 million US dollars) in gross revenue in the first three days of the National Day holiday which began on Oct. 1.

Tuesday’s Macao Daily News reported that the holiday market has boosted the gaming sector. The accumulated gross revenues and taxes yielded by the gaming sector in the first nine months this year have surpassed the total amounts of last year.

For the whole of last year, the government collected 10.17 billion patacas (1.27 billion US dollars) in gaming taxes.

The newspapers source said that the gaming revenue in September amounted to 3 billion patacas (375 million US dollars), which were some one billion patacas (125 million US dollars) lower than the monthly income in the previous two months.

The newspaper said that the Macao Gaming Co. Ltd. owned by tycoon Stanley Ho held 67 percent of the market share in September, during which Macao’s first American casino the Las Vegas Sands Macao opened in May grasped 13.5 percent, and the Hong Kong-invested Galaxy Waldo inaugurated in July obtained 19.5 percent.

Industry insiders forecast that based on the current situation,the gaming sector would contribute 13 billion patacas (1.2 billionUS dollars) to the government’s tax coffer this year.

Holiday economy boosts Macao casino revenue

Though September may have been a disappointment, it looks like the October 1 holiday really helped boost revenues, which suggests that Macau is maturing as a destination. With a Mona Lisa-themed casino, what else can you expect?

I expect to learn more about the Macau market during a research trip there in early December. If anyone from Macau has advice for me, please contact me.