Time Travel on Fremont Street in Vegas Seven

My next Vegas Seven contribution is a short piece about the strange mixing of the past and present that’s coming to define Downtown Las Vegas:

Downtown continues to mine a balanced—and, so far, successful—strategy of mixing Old Vegas nostalgia with modernized amenities. Nowhere is the Janus-faced approach that’s come to define downtown as apparent as at The D. The most obvious example is the split-level casino, which looks to the present on the first floor and the past on the second.

via Time Travel on Fremont Street | Vegas Seven.

I expect to be writing more about this theme. Downtown seems to be pulling in two separate directions–retro casino value and dot com hub. I look forward to writing more about those tensions define the area.

Downtown revisited

Since I’ve been downtown on other business lately, I’ve had the opportunity to update, at last, the Downtown Las Vegas Casino Carpet Gallery. There are some neat things happening down there, and some not-so-neat things.

My favorite “new” carpet (since the last time I’d taken pictures) has to be the California’s: it puts a new, tropical spin on the floral thing. It’s nearly a perfect match for the place’s Hawaiian orientation–maybe a spare turtle or two would make it absolutely apropos:
The worst floor covering–it’s not even a carpet–has to be the Western. There’s a Strip of remnants from the Plaza recarpet, then faux-oak laminate or something:
It certainly fits the property, which must be in the running for “most downmarket” casino in town.
See these and much more in the Downtown Las Vegas Casino Carpet Gallery.