Two upcoming events at G2E

I’m pleased to be able to announce two major events coming up this fall at UNLV:

October 15

Gaming Research Colloquium: Roger Gros, Publisher, Global Gaming Business Magazine

“Information, Please: 25 Years of Covering the Gaming Industry

2 PM in Lied Library’s Extended Study Area First Floor

View flyer (pdf)

December 3

Gaming Research Colloquium: Rob Bone, Vice President of Marketing, WMS Industries

“WMS Culture of Innovation”

2 PM in Lied Library’s Extended Study Area First Floor

View flyer (pdf)

via Center for Gaming Research: Special Events.

It’s exciting to have two people involved with the industry at this level coming to campus to talk. Roger is one of the major people covering gaming today, and one of the few (if not the only one) who started as a dealer on the casino floor. Rob is going to tell us a little bit about what’s happening with WMS, which is one of the more innovative slot makers.

Of course, both talks will be recorded and podcasted for those who can’t be here. But if you’re on or around campus, definitely stop by.

I don’t have anything scheduled for November because most people in the industry are preparing for G2E, so it’s hard to get someone for that month. Instead, I’m going to track down a few people and interview them at the conference. It should make for some good podcasting.

I still have two slots open for the rest of the year. After reading this article, I’m going to make a run at Stephen Siegel for one of them. We’ll see how that turns out.

Also, checking out the Sun’s website, incredible to say, the “Casino Guide” has finally been changed from the Palms, to MGM Grand. I don’t know how long the Palms was ruling the roost there, but it must have been months.

Happy new year.

Upcoming talks at the CGR

We’ve got two great talks scheduled for the Center for Gaming Research later this month.

The first, “Commercialization, Crime, and Casinos: Legacies of 18th Century Gambling,” is by Dr. Nicholas Tosney, our April visiting fellow and a really cool guy to boot. You can see the flyer here. Dr. Tosney is speaking in Special Collections at Lied Library on Wednesday, April 22 at 12:15. If you’re on campus, I strongly urge you to stop by.

A mere eight days later, we’re having casino superhost Steve Cyr, currently senior director of player development at the Hard Rock Las Vegas, give a talk called “From Hotel School to the Celebrity Suite: My Career in the Casino Industry.” You can see the flyer here. Cyr is speaking at 2 PM on Thursday, April 30, in the Extended Study Area, which is on the first floor of Lied Library.

Lied Library is, of course, on UNLV’s campus, on the Swenson/Paradise side of Harmon.

Both events will be podcasted for the benefit of those who are unable to attend.

Read more about CGR events right here.

New UNLV event announced

I’m pleased to announce a new Gaming Research Colloquium event at UNLV:

February 23, 2009
Gaming Research Colloquium Series: Bill Zender
Special Event with the author of “Casino-ology: The Art of Managing Casino Games”
Monday, February 23, 2:00 pm
Extended Study Area, Lied Library
Refreshments will be served and books will be available for purchase.
Download flyer (pdf)

I recently reviewed Casino-ology and was so impressed that I approached Mr. Zender to come speak at UNLV. We’re really lucky to have an expert with his history and knowledge come and talk. So if you’re in town on Monday, February 23rd, head on down for what promises to be a great learning opportunity.

And don’t forget, next week we’ve got another provocative talk, as Leslie Nino Fidance takes down a huge Vegas myth in a talk entitled, “The Mob Never Ran Vegas:”

Thursday, January 29, 12:15 pm
UNLV Special Collections
Download flyer (pdf)

We’re all about promoting the interdisciplinary study of gambling and related issues over at the Center, and these are two events we’re very proud of.

If you can’t make it, keep your eyes posted for them to be posted as podcasts.

Talking about the Mob at UNLV

If you can make it, we’re hosting a provocative talk at UNLV in two weeks. Here’s the info:

January 29, 2009
Gaming Research Colloquium Series:
Leslie Nino Fidance
William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV
“The Mob Never Ran Vegas”
Thursday, January, 12:15 pm
UNLV Special Collections
Download flyer (pdf)

Center for Gaming Research: Special Events

If you can’t make it, I should have the audio posted as part of the UNLV Gaming podcast series. This is definitely a talk to remember–I’ve read the paper it’s based on and the author makes many good points.

Even if you don’t plan on going, click through to see the flyer, which I will accept full blame for. It’s the kind of thing that a serious academic probably wouldn’t come up with, but c’mon, the talk is about the mob in Vegas.