Lucky Dragon 3 Months in | Vegas Seven

This week’s Green Felt Journal looks at how Lucky Dragon has adjusted in its first 3 months of operation, and what it means for Las Vegas casinos:

The latest Las Vegas hotel casino to open, the Lucky Dragon, has been up and running for more than three months. It may not have the immediate landscape-altering impact of the Strip behemoths that preceded it, but the way the casino is running could have profound implications on how Las Vegas casinos do business in the future.

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Interviewing Dave Jacoby, he was really into the rolling chip program, so that became a big focus of the article.

Lucky Dragon Casino Eyes Its Target in Vegas Seven

A new casino opened in Las Vegas. It’s only been six years since the last one. I wrote about it in my Green Felt Journal for Vegas Seven:

When the Lucky Dragon had its official grand opening earlier this month, there were few surprises. After all, the casino had been open for nearly two weeks. But the formal unveiling gives an opportunity to consider just what Sahara Avenue adds to the local casino and hospitality scene. In some ways it looks to the past, but in others, Lucky Dragon could be a glimpse into the future.

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In this piece, I share a few thoughts on why I think Lucky Dragon is significant and speculate about its potential impact.