Anatomy of a Nightclub | Vegas Seven

I already shared one feature I had in this week’s Vegas Seven: my piece on space tourism and Vegas with a sidebar on Zero-G, which currently flies out of McCarran. I also wrote a feature on the evolution of nightclubs, as seen in the soon-to-open Light at Mandalay Bay:

With all that success, it’s no wonder today’s nightclub scene is crowded. Meanwhile, clubs are working themselves more deeply into the weft of resort fabric, with dayclubs and vibe dining carrying them into new areas. At the turn of the millennium, nightlife started going Vegas. Now Vegas has gone nightlife.

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One of the things I like best about the online version is the link back to my January Green Felt Journal, which wondered if Las Vegas had a nightclub bubble.

The British Are Coming! in Vegas Seven

In this week’s Green Felt Journal, I take a look at how a British invasion has changed Las Vegas nightlife:

The two biggest demographics in Las Vegas these days seem to be nightclubbers and international visitors. As a bit of anecdotal evidence of the trend, the casinos in development that have stoked the imagination plan to cater either to the former SLS, Gansevoort or the latter Resorts World. So when you get the two together—international visitors who like to party—you know you’re talking gold mine. Add in that they’re from one of the most lucrative feeder markets for Vegas—the United Kingdom—and you’re practically printing cash.

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Interesting that my last two GFJs have been about the influence of other cities (London, Macau) on Las Vegas.

Nightlifeless in Vegas Seven

Vegas Seven’s nightclub issue is out today! And what better topic for the Green Felt Journal than…casinos without nightclubs:

If you’ve been on the Strip in the past five years, you know that nightclubs are front-and-center at most big resorts. Which begs the question: What’s a Vegas casino look like today when you subtract the nightclubs?
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When I found out that this was the nightlife issue, I had a dilemma: I don’t really have much to say about nightclubs, but I couldn’t write about something totally unconnected. So I figured this was a fun way to look at the impact of nightclubs on casinos.

I’m hoping for a fun segment on the next Vegas Gang: vibe dining vs. Seafood Shack. I’d really like to have that discussion, because to me you’ve got two extremes: upscale/pretentious vs. homey/tacky. I know which I feel is preferably, but I’d like to hear what the other guys think.