Survey Shows Bad Hotels Make Guests Cry – Vegas Seven

In my latest Green Felt Journal, I talk about a recent survey that detailed hotel miseries:

Vacation is supposed to be a fun time, a chance to get away from your everyday problems. And hotels are the cocoons that travelers return to, their homes away from home. A good hotel experience can make a vacation, and a bad one can break it. A recent Qualtrics survey reveals just what usually goes wrong and how guests react to missed expectations. While the survey is about hotels in general and not Las Vegas in particular, those who work in our city’s hospitality industry should heed its results.

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I found this survey fascinating. I’ve figured out that the worst possible room is one that:

  1. is dirty
  2. is surrounded by unfriendly employees
  3. has an uncomfortable bed
  4. comes with unexpected fees
  5. and has thin walls and loud neighbors.

So if you don’t get that, things aren’t going so badly for you.

Also, I’m a bit disturbed that 9% of guests are being haunted by ghosts during their stay.