What Richard Branson Means for Las Vegas and the Next Generation | Vegas Seven

It took some time to see the light of day, but I hope this lengthy consideration of Hard Rock, Virgin, and Las Vegas is a worthy read:

Richard Branson made a splash on March 30 when he announced that he and a group of investors had bought the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, with plans to transform it, over the next year and a half, into a Virgin Hotels–branded property. This is the latest evolution for a resort that, in its 23 years, has pioneered in ways that have defined Las Vegas.

Source: What Richard Branson Means for Las Vegas and the Next Generation

It looks like this is the final piece I’ll be writing for Vegas Seven; I got word the magazine is ceasing publication.  It was a great run–I was part of the first issue back in 2010, and I’m really grateful for everyone who worked with me over the years.

I will have something exciting to announce about my next writing endeavor, but that is for another time.

Flying casinos? Don’t hold your breath

Gambling and transportation is nothing new: in the United States (and maybe throughout the world), riverboats and trains were notorious places for gambling in their time. But airplanes, which are more controlled (and more cramped for those of us in coach), aren’t really known as places to gamble. Still, Airbus promises airborne casinos on its next-generation A380. Does this mean there is a customer demand for them?
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