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Last weekend, I attended a Future Stars of Wrestling show. It was a ton of fun, so I wrote it up for a Vegas Seven online exclusive:

Future Stars of Wrestling is a Las Vegas-based promotion that has been running shows since 2009, and currently hosts cards in its own venue and at the Silverton. At the January 28 Silverton show, general admission tickets ran $15 each, plus taxes and fees. That is an excellent entertainment value in the shadow of the Strip, where a 90-minute show might run several times that.

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I hope I was able to do everyone involved justice. Thinking more about it, what I liked best about this show was that it had a little of everything I like in wrestling–high flying stuff, impressive moves, power, and comedy. If the entire night was yoginis fighting hipsters, I probably would have gotten bored, just like if it was just guys flipping around and hitting their finishers for 20 minutes.

To me, this is where pro wrestling is far superior to Cirque (for me, at least). Not taking anything away from the incredible talent Cirque performers have, but my usual experience of seeing a show is I’m amazed at the acrobatics for the five minutes. Then I get desensitized to it, and by a half-hour in I’m kind of bored. But in wrestling, if one match is something I’m not a fan of (brawling or deathmatch stuff, for example), it’ll be over soon and someone else will be out.

I’ll be going to as many of these shows as I can.

Silverton goes off-beat in Vegas 7

I missed this yesterday, but my latest Green Felt Journal column is out in Vegas Seven. It’s about some of the unusual events taking place at the Silverton:

Santa is floating inside the 117,000-gallon aquarium at the Silverton Casino and Lodge, his white beard billowing as the parrot fish and stingrays glide by. He’s taking orders for Xbox Lives and bikes via an assistant standing outside with a microphone.

“This is very unusual,” says one Summerlin resident who is here with her three toddlers to see Santa. “But it’s great. I love it.”

Once known for its bargain buffets, a 2004 renovation gave the property a more upscale look and higher-end amenities such as the Twin Creeks steak house. The recession shelved plans for a larger expansion, and in the current economic climate, the casino is finding it as hard to compete as anyone else.So, snorkeling Santa to the rescue.

via Not your father’s casino marketing strategy | Vegas Seven.

The underwater Santa was really quite unusual. With the microphone picking up his scuba breathing, it really sounded like he was about to ask HAL to open the pod bay doors. Very surreal.