Strip shell game!

It’s hard to believe, but one of the oldest gambling con games is alive and well in the shadow of the Las Vegas Strip. I snapped some pictures of a shell game in action on Monday between the Tropicana and Hooters. Technically that’s not the Strip, but it’s in the Strip tourist corridor, so the headline is accurate. Click through to see indisputable photographic evidence and some homespun analysis.
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New Vegas guide out NOW!

If you haven’t read enough about Las Vegas, today is your day: I’ve posted my quick but (hopefully) useful travel guide to this site. It’s written under my pen name Will Winslow. Read this clip for the details:

In addition to writing fine books and articles on gambling history, opinion, and current issues, Dr. Schwartz has penned a guide to Las Vegas under the pen name Will Winslow.

Why the pen name? Because Schwartz has already published “serious” work extensively under his own name and wants to distinguish this casual guide from that work….
Winslow’s 11 Guide: Las Vegas 2007

The guide isn’t a full-fledged book at all–it’s a 20 page pdf with 5 “Top 11” lists (hence the title). I talk about why I wrote it in the foreward, but to make a long story short it seemed like a fun idea. It’s mostly based on stuff that I’ve been telling people for years.

I’ve got another Will Winslow project that I’ve finished and might, might be published as a real book. Basically I’m doing this writing to reach people who are curious about Las Vegas and gambling but don’t want to read the more serious stuff I usually write.

If there is enough interest, I’ll write an expanded guide for 2008–I’ve already got some ideas on what I’d put in it.

And no, there isn’t anything about casino carpet in there, but I do tell you where to get the city’s best chicken parm stromboli.

Find out for yourself here.

Vaguest book title yet, and something coming soon

I think this is, indeed, the vaguest book title I’ve seen: Miscellaneous Studies; a series of essays: Books: Walter Pater

Worse yet, there’s no review material–even a blurb from the publisher–to give you an inkling of what the book is about.

Maybe I should call my next book “Words Arranged in a Coherent and Enlightening Pattern.”

Actually that might not be a bad title for a poem–it sounds like a Stereolab song title.

I’m actually working on a small project this week–the nonfiction version of a novella–that’s already got a title. And the best part is that I’m going to be offering it, exclusively on Die is Cast, for absolutely FREE.

What is it? Keep posted for details.