Talking about Hockey, Derek Stevens, & Slot YouTubers

My latest talk with Craig Shacklett of is up. In it we talk about the real impact of the Vegas Golden Knights on Las Vegas, Derek Stevens’ role in Downtown Las Vegas (and his support of the Knights) and the latest obstacles for aspiring slot YouTubers:

YouTube Slot Controversy Shows The Perils Of Your Side Hustle | Forbes

I got interested in slot YouTubers a while back. Last week, two of them had their channels suspended, which made it newsworthy. This Forbes piece talks about the controversy:

On June 3rd at 7:28 in the morning, Brian Christopher got an email from “The YouTube Team” telling him that his video, “Smokin’ Hot Gems, BIG WIN  Mammoth Power  Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher” had been taken down for violating content restrictions on “violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.” This was his first strike. Seconds later, he got another email telling him that “due to repeated or severe violations” of YouTube’s community guidelines, his account had been suspended. His channel, which he had been building for two years, had vanished. Hundreds of his videos, all of which feature him playing slot machines and winning jackpots, were wiped out.

Source: YouTube Slot Controversy Shows The Perils Of Your Side Hustle

The whole phenomenon of the slot channels deserves more attention, but I think the real story here is the control YouTube has over content and the opaque way that the company enforces its community guidelines.

Bet pressing demonstrated

If you’ve ever wondered what “pressing a bet” is, thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can see it for yourself:

Link if you can’t view the embed:YouTube – Casino Scam #3
One comment: it looks like the guy demonstrating the move drops a black ($100) on top of a pile of green ($25) chips. I hope he’s just doing that for the camera, because in most jurisdictions you have to place your highest-value chips at the bottom of the stack, to prevent precisely this.